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Enigmatic, Psychedelic Rockers KARABAS BARABAShas released the Official Music Video for their track, "Sexy Guy." Originally premiered on The Huffington Post, "Sexy Guy" is featured on their recent Steve Albini produced, full length album, The Return of the Sexy Demon.

“While the sexy demon ran amok, Cheney’s minions crept back into power. As a result Karabas Barabas fought back with the anthem “Sexy Guy;” it is a call to action to stop Cheney’s genocide.”

The Return of the Sexy Demon Track List: 

1. In Waves 
2.Casino Tears 
3. Barbara and the Boys 
4. Being a Man 
5. Sexy Guy 
6. Brighton Beach 
7. Zebra in Heat 
8. Ode to the Disenchanted Cottage

Today is the day. You can now stream Future Teens debut LP "Hard Feelings" over at Substream Magazine. 

"The raw atmosphere is lended to the bright guitars, with the vocals cutting through the rolling drums with a brilliant pace. As the song reaches it’s climax, the guitars grow louder with a unique fuzz about them, bringing the song to a bombastic and clashing end."- The Alternative

Hard Feelings will be released Sept. 29th on CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

Writers can grab a listen to the whole album in the link at the very bottom. Any review or blurb or interview request is welcomed.

FFO: Diet Cig, Wavves, Weezer

Listen To "Hard Feelings" Via Substream

Pre-order "Hard Feelings":
Future Teens started as a joke, and perhaps appropriately, the band played their first show in a sweaty basement while a Fourth of July barbecue raged outside. They played three songs at that 2014 show, each less practiced than the one before.
The group's debut EP Still Afraid of Allston was scruffy and full of hooks, a bedroom-pop gem that was recorded "right into the computer—we didn't even use amps,"Radin (Vocals/Bass) recalls. The charming, conversational songs demanded a fuller sound in a live setting at the band's shows in their hometown of Boston and beyond and so drummer Dylan Vadakin, guitarist Nick Cortezi, and vocalist and guitarist Amy Hoffman signed on.
In 2017, Future Teens wrapped Bored And Alone, which was self-produced and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato (Speedy Ortiz, Krill). The band's hooks and energy are bolstered by the four-piece setup; "when you're with three other people, you can bounce ideas off each other and collaboration is just more fulfilling," says Radin. 
Though standalone in itself, Bored and Alone is a precursor to the band’s first full length effort, Hard Feelings. The album title encapsulates how each song toes the line between despair and humor. “Having feelings all the time is hard — but everyone has them in one way or another— my goal with these songs was to write about things that happen to nearly everyone at some point in their lives” Radin explains.
Hard Feelings is out September 29th via Take This to Heart Records features 10 tracks of romantic misadventure, miscommunication and mistakes. The album also features songwriting from Hoffman and Vadakin. Hoffman remarks, “These new songs are happy sad. Though some are sadder than others, singing them is always cathartic.”
The Downspiral To Hell translates to a real need to make music, to reveal the feelings born inside us and show a personal way of thinking about life. The essential purpose of the band is to experiment and feel free to compose anything interesting from both music and art influences. Madness, insanity, anger …this is how The Downspiral To Hell explore!
Their new album, Unusual Methods To Dismember The Spiritual Halo, looks into new sounds and new layers of music landscapes. As the band really love all kinds of music, their sound reflects a long journey through the dark side that reveals a complex and strange mix from playing death and black metal, close to grind/death metal sometimes, with lots of experimentation and bizarre keypads. The Downspiral To Hell love to try out different things, and include new sounds and new challenges within their trademark sound.

Unusual Methods To Dismember The Spiritual Halo is released with a new graphic concept concerning the band. The artwork means whatever the lyrics and the sound want to display. Get ready to twist your mind!!
Track Listing:
01. Creatures And Threat | 02. Snake Eyes In Euphoria | 03. The Ochre Sky | 04. The Old Script | 05. Within The Oppression | 06. The Canvas Of Confusion | 07. My Desolation | 08. Thoughts Through Ethic | 09. Icy Winds Of Fire | 10. Outside Emptiness | 11. Not Alone | 12. Rapture In Grey | 13. Burning Winds Of Ice

All music composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by The Downspiral To Hell.
The Downspiral To Hell are:
Antonio Miranda – Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming | Jose Luis Miranda – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube
Italian Horror Punk Metal act 5 Star Grave return to action with their latest “no holds barred” collection of tracks, a new look and video on it’s way, whilst still retaining their classic “fuck you” attitude!
The new 5 Star Grave album, The Red Room, delivers 10 extremely catchy horror metal tracks. The album features by a wide range of vocals containing both sharp and aggressive passages mixed with more atmospheric and eerie moments. All in all, The Red Roomprovides a compelling combination of heavy metal, hard rock, horror punk and hardcore.
Here’s the official 5 Star Grave statement for The Red Room; “So guess what these 6 weirdos are up to in 2017 AD? Releasing a new collection of reckless tunes adequately entitled The Red Room, obviously! Once again the listener is charged by an hardcore/horror punk-influenced metal assault supported by a wide range of vocals and the usual light-hearted horror inspired imagery directly derived from 80’s metal/shock rock golden days. The 6 pricks from Hell are back in town, hic sunt the motherfuckers.”
The Red Room | Released September 26th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01 Hic Sunt the Motherfuckers | 02 Eat You Alive | 03 Once Upon a Time | 04 The Ballad of the Vampire | 05 Alice | 06 Through the Eyes of the Monster | 07 He Never Died | 08 Hell on Heels | 09 For Better or Worse | 10 There Is No Heaven

Produced, mixed and mastered by NeroArgento at Aexeron Studio.
5 Star Grave are:
Claudio Ravinale – vocals | Andrea Minolfi – bass, vocals | Thierry Bertone – guitars | Alessandro Blengino – guitars | Hervè De Zulian – synth | Domenico Fazzar – drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

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In this new occasion we have had the opportunity to interview the  Metalcore/Metal band Teller, from UK. Check out this band and give them a like on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1.Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that?    

Teller comes from Storyteller. Each song has a narrative and a message we want to convey through our songs to the listener.   

2.Why did you want to play this genre?    

We didn’t particularly set out to play a specific genre, our tastes and influences have combined in a way that we like and that is what you hear. We don't feel we are a genre specific band.   

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed?    

The band was born from a previous project.   

4. Each band member favourite band?    

Jake - Circa Survive   

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs?    

A lot of the time a song forms from trying to work through a strong feeling or fear, to help make sense of what’s going on. It can be an extremely cathartic process.   

6. Where was your last gig?    

We’ve just played our very first show as Teller at Underground Festival in Gloucester opening the Mainstage Sunday!   

7. Where would you like to act?    

Touring the world is any bands goal. But specifically, Download Festival would be great.   

8. Whom would you like to feature with?    

We’ve always loved the sound of our good friend Michael Mcgough’s vocals from Being As An Ocean, so schedules permitting, we can sort something out.   

9. Whom not?    

Someone who isn’t passionate about what they do.   

10. Any of you has ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that?    

Not really, try and think why you have stage fright and work on that.   

11. What bands have inspired you the most?    

Usually bands who have, despite certain factors, always done what they want to do. Huge respect for bands who go the DIY route also!   

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you for?    

In previous projects we’ve been asked to sign a variety of body parts.   

13. What do you think of your fans?    

We absolutely love our fans, they’re never afraid to voice their opinions and the support they’ve shown the band after everything we've put them through has been very special.   

14. What do you think of our site?   

As long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters :) 
With a shared admiration of rock n’ roll, murder ballads, secret messages from the guitar and a good story, National Lagarde was formed in 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The membership comprises of Terry Lagarde (guitarist and singer), Stuart Smith (drums and percussion) and Jennifer Kirtlan (bassist).
Both Terry and Stuart were born on the Bayou and raised among the creatures native to there. They both enjoyed a raucous time playing in Rik Slave & The Phantoms in the ‘90s, taking them from New Orleans to New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Later, Terry would become Louie Fontaine’s (Starlight Searchers) guitarist for years, enjoying travels to Cairo and spending time recording, playing shows and touring throughout Europe.

Jennifer has played in numerous bands in New Orleans and toured the USA many times over with the Hazard County Girls. Bonding over obscure music and dark tales of the south, Jennifer would often drive down to the Bayou region to learn Terry’s songs and get spooked. They began recording the songs and Terry’s recording knowledge was utilized with ceremonies in different locations, finally culminating in their rehearsal studio in a haunted old hotel in New Orleans.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Terry Lagarde, Story of a Southern Gentleman is a result of these gatherings. With varying influences, there are heavy riffs mixed with a lean towards flamenco, jazz, blues or whatever suits the mood of the songs about paranoia, demons, strange love, and mystical happenings. National Lagarde has enjoyed the stage with diverse bands such as Chicken Snake, The Quaalords, DiNola, Honky and The Dictators NYC.
Track Listing:
01. El Toro | 02. I’m Going To Get You | 03. Black Tone Baptism | 04. Story Of A Southern Gentleman | 05. Down One More Day | 06. River | 07. Don’t Let Them In | 08. Strange Love | 09. My Love | 10. Santeria Dance | 11. Heavens On Fire | 12. Mud | 13. Goin’ Out West | [?] Listen Here Baby

National Lagarde are:
Terry Lagarde – Vocals/Guitar | Stuart Smith – Drums | Jennifer Kirtlan – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook
Bad Bones have announced the first show of their “Endless Road USA 2017 tour”! On November 24th, the Italian rock band will be the headliner at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles to support their latest album, the already hugely successful Demolition Derby. The coming back of the “Bones” to American soil promises to be explosive!
Special guest of the tour:
The I Don’t Know – one of the best new acts in Italy. They’ll grind you to dust with their hard & heavy sound!

Confirmed date:
Nov 24 | Whisky a Go Go | Los Angeles, US

More shows to be added soon!
Bad Bones current line-up:
Max Malmerenda – Vocals | Sergio Aschieris – Guitar | Steve Balocco – Bass | Lele Balocco – Drums

Demolition Derby Music Sampler: Believe Player
Band links: Facebook | Spotify | Youtube

Leica Camera and Nikki Sixx, bassist and founding member of Mötley Crüe and three-time New York Times best-selling author, have combined their enthusiasm for photography and rich visual storytelling with two new releases in October. Leica Camera will debut a special Leica Q “Nikki Sixx Edition” camera, as well as host the musician’s first-ever photo exhibit "Conversations with Angels" at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles.

Sixx’s affinity for street photography is the result of his experience on the streets as a runaway and past drug abuse. Now sober 17 years, Sixx uses his Leica cameras as tools to link his challenging past experiences with stories of hope through capturing images that speak to his strong and meaningful connections to his subjects.  

“I’ve been a storyteller all my life - as a lyricist, an author and especially as a photographer. When I’m shooting my subjects, I’m looking to capture more than just an image. I want to tell their stories” says Sixx.

Sixx’s style and method of photography are unique. He first and foremost focuses on having a conversation with his subjects and getting to know them well before he ever brings his camera out.  Only once he’s heard their story does he begin to capture any photographs, aiming to bring these intimate conversations to life in his photos and help to explain the lives of the people he encounters. To help tell these stories, Sixx uses various Leica cameras including the Leica SL, Leica M and his Leica Q to photograph his subjects. Sixx attributes his particular love of the Q to its versatility. “It’s not just a camera for serious work, but a camera to capture life by” shared Sixx “I never leave home without my camera. I want it nearby in case I see something that compels me to pull my car over, or walk down an alleyway for inspiration. I love the Q because it’s incredibly durable and has stuck with me through everything – a lot of wear and tear, but it always delivers sharp and poignant images”.

Nikki Sixx has also release the Ten Year anniversary Edition "THE HEROIN DIARIES", available now by clicking the button below.

Welsh progressive metal quintet CONTINENTS are pleased to announce their new single 'Preacher'. This single is as hard hitting as it gets; full of new groove and hooks to get your teeth sunk into. For fans of NorthlaneWhile She Sleeps and Architects, CONTINENTS are not holding back and have grown as a band with this new material. Having used to be branded with the 'hardcore' genre, their sound has progressed and evolved, with this new material arguably their best to date. 

Over the last twelve months the band have been focusing on making decisions since they parted ways with Victory Records in late 2016. After having numerous managers and agents approach them, the band decided to go back to their roots and make themselves in charge going forward.

This summer they played to sold out crowds in Germany, France and the UK, where the band realised there was still a huge hunger from their fanbase for some new material. So, they took some time out and have returned with explosive new track 'Preacher', as a taster of what's to come from the band in 2018.

"Since the arrival of our two new members Tim and Scott and parting ways with the label, we are back in a position to make decisions ourselves. Our aim is to be back touring, tearing up stages and creating great memories again, with our new EP expected in the beginning of 2018." - Phil Cross, Continents 

The band released a teaser of the single release on their Facebook page at the weekend, you can check that out here below.. 

Live dates: 

September 30th - Deadbolt Festival, Manchester
October 14th - Turbulence Festival, Plymouth
October 27th - Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
November 23rd - Satans Hollow, Manchester*
November 25th - Hobos, Bridgend*
November 26th - The Lanes, Bristol*

Maryland metalcore quintet Hostile Array, formerly known as My Ransomed Soul, has premiered their new music video for their second single "Herd Instinct". Outspoken and message driven about the major conflicts in the world, the new single, deals with the idea of blind patriotism and the growth of radical nationalism in the United States.
"If we lose our principles, our nation has no value," explains vocalist Brendan Frey. "We have lost our sense of what it means to have true freedom. If you protest the system or the powers that be, people often claim that you're 'anti-American'. In my opinion, dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism."
"Herd Instinct" comes from the band's upcoming record, set to release in 2018. Watch the new music video below.
Turkish progressive death metal band Carnac return with 9 hard and heavy tracks on their new album, Times Undone. This is an intense and guttural experience, greatly expanding on the bands original sound and marks another step in the constant evolution of the 5 members of the group. The recent lyrics video for Cessation, the opening track for the album, is an excellent example of where Carnac are heading and great way to kick start the album.
Times Undone takes on the story of a daughter escaping with her father from the invasion of their land by hordes, while gradually losing her friends and loved ones to sacrifice, rape and much more. The 46-minute effort blends death metal and black metal in a progressive manner. It also sees the band adapt a much darker sound.

The album was mixed and mastered by Achilleas Kalantzis (Aenaon, Katavasia, Varathron) and will be released in digital format via Sliptrick Records. Physical copies will follow at a later date.
Track Listing:

01. Cessation | 02. Draw the First Breath | 03. Vardøger | 04. Parousia | 05. Into the Wake | 06. Mountains of Red | 07. The Vital Spark | 08. The Lantern | 09. Fire

Carnac are:

Burak Yenitepe – Vocals | Nurhacý Çeri – Guitar | Ozan Turakine – Guitar | Baybora Topaloðlu – Drums | Ünal Akünal – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Belgian heavy music luminaries AMENRA have just issued an evocative music video for the track "Children Of The Eye" through Revolver Magazine. The track is the first single to be premiered from the band's Mass VI full-length, due out October 20th through Neurot Recordings. The stunning new video for the song was directed by Wim Reygaert.
Watch AMENRA's "Children Of The Eye" video only through Revolver Magazine RIGHT HERE.
AMENRA vocalist/mastermind Colin Van Eeckhout issues of the new video, "We hooked up with our longtime friends Wim Reygaert (responsible for Ra live visuals early 2000's) and Maximiliaan Dierickx (COR DVD 2009, 23.10 DVD, etc.). The idea and effort was to visualize the everlasting fight we all have against invisible enemies in life. Be it depression, loss, illness... Cancers of the soul. Life's pain. The children of the eye never give up. They never go down without a fight. A will. A way."
Mass VI will arrive on Friday, October 20th through Neurot Recordings. The EU version has a different mix and master, as well as different artwork and design than the US version, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker) at the Atomic Garden, San Francisco. The deluxe edition 2xLP 45rpm 180gr album is available in different limited colors. The band will be selling a special edition at their now sold-out release show in Brussels with screen-printed art.
Preorders for Mass VI are now live through Neurot Recordings in the U.S. and via Consouling Sounds in Europe.
As always with AMENRA, this art has come directly from the souls of the musicians involved. They can establish connections with their listeners more profound than almost any other band because they are direct heart to heart connections. Thus, this pain, this sorrow, and these fleeting moments of joy, they come from those hearts. They are all too real.
Contrasts have always been deep, and at the very heart of AMENRA's music, ever since they started uttering their Prayers And Holding Their Masses almost eighteen years ago. Tormented darkness has always coexisted alongside luminous beauty, thunderous impacts instantly followed by frail, delicate subtleties. Songs that seem to engulf everyone in the world at once suddenly feel like they are being whispered to you inside the isolation of your solitary womb.
Mass VI is here, and more than any other album in AMENRA's past, it highlights those contrasts in a deeply affecting way. The eerie quietness of the first couple of minutes of "Children Of The Eye" announces the coming storm, and the nine explosive, cathartic minutes of this opening song hold in themselves all the strikingly disparate emotions that we have come to expect from AMENRA. Colossal riffs shake the very foundations of our being while singer Colin H. Van Eeckhout shrieks so agonizingly that we can almost picture him on stage, clawing at himself, back turned to us, underneath that one spotlight, feelings laid bare for all to see but at the same time locked in himself, profoundly alone. "I cast no shadow, light is too profound," he spits out. When it's almost too much to bear, there is a crack of light, the sonic rage subsides briefly, the guitars are not on fire for a few seconds, and Colin sings to us as in a lullaby, as he has done lately with his own solo project, CHVE, "one tear at a time," as he whispers softly. The delivery is entirely different, but the intensity is the same, the song continues its uninterrupted path until everything catches fire once more. Nothing but the sparse, spoken seconds of "Edelkroone" could have followed this, a few seconds of respite before the band starts to carve yet another gash in our heart with "Plus Pres De Toi." Three opening songs, three different moods, three languages - English, Flemish and French - but the impact is the same, tremendous. And all of this is just the beginning. Mass VI is an emotional rollercoaster until its very last second, until "Diaken" is abruptly ended at its very climax, as the last breath of an expiring life. Every band member is seemingly being stretched to their physical limits throughout. Colin puts in the performance of a lifetime, but he is inextricably intertwined to the guitarwork of Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove and Lennart Bossu can express unimaginable weight, both physical and spiritual, as well as weaving melodies of the utmost delicacy, while the rhythm section of Levy Seynaeve and Bjorn J. Lebon can either rumble like a consuming thunderstorm or retreat to the shadows with the same flowing spontaneity as the atmosphere dictates.
It's difficult to think of a better person to capture this sonic enormity than Billy Anderson. The legendary American producer was already the chosen one for AMENRA's Mass V, and between Neurosis' Through Silver In Blood, Sleep's Dopesmoker, Eyehategod's Dopesick, Cathedral's Endtyme or Brutal Truth's Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom, among many, many others, he's been a decisive element in the building of many a true classic. Mass VI was recorded in the Belgian Ardennes, a region of thick forests in the southeast end of the country, where the band was snowed in for a week. The album reflects these times. Mass VI is completed with cover art by Stephan VanFleteren.
Following their North American summer tour with Converge and headlining labelmates Neurosis, AMENRA continues to book new performances in support of the new album.
AMENRA Tour Dates:
9/30/2017 Aladdin Scene - Kristiansand, NO @ VIVID Festival
10/08/2017 Mammothfest - Brighton, UK
10/31/2017 Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, BE * release show [SOLD OUT]
11/07/2017 Werk2 - Leipzig, DE
11/08/2017 Scene - Vienna, AU
12/01/2017 De Leest - Izegem, BE (acoustic)


“Deadweight is based on the Greek myth of King Midas, who is given the power to turn everything to gold with a touch, which then backfires when he turns his daughter into gold. Our adaption of this focuses on struggles of mental health,”declares Seven Stories High vocalist Rhys Hyett-Ferrier of the quintet’s newly announced sophomore EP, continuing: “The artwork features a crown which symbolises power, wealth and status - which are supposed to make us happy. However, the title ‘Deadweight’ is juxtaposed to that, showing that sometimes the things that are supposed to make us happy are our heaviest burdens.” Set for self-release on 24th November, pre-orders are available here and include an instant grat of lead single ‘Apathy’, which can also be streamed here.

Completed by Matt Davies and Charlie Porter on Guitar, Kallum Brain on Bass and Dave Bevan on Drums, the Swansea crew’s name came quite literally, explains Hyett-Ferrier: “We were on the seventh floor of the flat and wrote a lyric about bein, seven stories high. When we needed to finally name the band, the lyric became more than that; we realised that Dave, Matt and I had been in bands with six different singers, making this line-up the seventh ‘story’.” Intent on acting as a beacon of positivity, they explain: “The world is in a horrible place right now and we appreciate the important role art plays in holding a mirror up to the present, sparking conversation and positive change. We pour everything we have into our live shows and it makes our day jobs worth the grind.”
For Deadweight, the band recorded at Mwnci Studios in West Wales, rounded off with mixing and mastering by local technician Tom Williams. Sonically the band, who are influenced by State Champs, The Wonder Years and Four Year Strong, describe the release as “almost split in two – half follows a fast up-beat Pop Punk feel, which gets people dancing and jumping around. The other is heavier - fuller sounding and darker in feel, which you can chant and scream along to.” Yet, the EP flows as one piece of music, with each track written to fit the narrative, whilst being open enough to interpretation for listeners to make a personal connection. The band conclude: “We have all, either personally or through someone close to us, dealt with mental health and it was our hope that perhaps someone who was struggling would get something out of this.”

‘Deadweight’ Track Listing: 

1. Apathy 
2. Midas 
3. Hoax 
4. Alchemy Part I

Following packed out appearances at Reading & Leeds Festival, Brighton trio TIGERCUB are pleased to reveal their latest single ‘Into The Ashes’.

Watch the new visuals for the track here:

The band have also just been revealed for the BBC Radio One Rock Show’s ROCKTOBER live session line up alongside Weezer, Rise Against, Frank Iero, The Xcerts, Counterfeit & Employed to Serve. Tigercub’s session will air on Sunday 15th October 2017.

Just added to the Radio X evening list and with continued support across BBC Radio One shows, the track is the latest to be taken from their brand new EPtitled Evolve or Die set for release on 29th September via Alcopop! Records, which will be available on limited edition red vinyl and via all good digital platforms. The first pay-what-you-want pressing sold out in a day to loyal fans via a physical pre-order letter campaign.

Marking yet another stylistic fork in the road for the band, ‘Into The Ashes’ is crushing – cyclical drums and bass maintain the intensity, with the band using subtle rhythmical changes and developing the arrangement to keep things exciting, rather than fall back on the same old tricks.

“Lyrically 'Into the Ashes' is a series of vignettes on being born into a world that's already fucked and burned out,” comments front man Jamie Hall “How jarring it is to have feelings and emotions with the knowledge that life is totally meaningless and chaotic, so in short it's fucking depressing. But at the moment that's something that really drives my lyrics...maybe I need a holiday!"

The band hit the road for a run of UK headline tour dates throughout October 2017 (see below for details) with their recently upscaled January 2018 date at The Scala in London also on sale now.

Evolve or Die is released 29th September via Alcopop! Records      

TIGERCUB 2017 Live Dates:

16 Oct: Southampton – Joiners
17 Oct: Exeter – Cavern
18 Oct: Oxford - The Cellar
20 Oct: Milton Keynes - Craufurd Arms
21 Oct: Birmingham – Flapper
23 Oct: Huddersfield - The Parish
24 Oct: Newcastle – The Cluny
25 Oct: Edinburgh - Mash House
26 Oct: Manchester - Star & Garter
27 Oct: Norwich - The Waterfront Studio

TIGERCUB 2018 Live Dates:

18 Jan – London – The Scala ** JUST ADDED**

Serial Vice is a Heavy Metal band based in Salento, Southern Italy. After some line-up changes, the band recorded their first single Heroin and after yet more tweaks to the personel, the bands sound gelled into a Heavy Metal blast somewhere between classic and modern but always gritty and melodic. They cite their influences from Hard Rock to Thrash and from Doom to Power. The bands EP Nightmares Come True, is scheduled for release on Sliptrick Records on 10.10.17!