News: Spirit Animal get ready for worst Xmas ever with "Come To Christmas"

This year Brooklyn-based alternative rock band, Spirit Animal, came out swinging, showing no mercy with an arsenal of undeniable tunes on their World War IV EP. The project dropped in February 2016 via Wind-Up Records with the lead single “Regular World” demolishing play counts and garnering over 3 million collective track streams. The band’s momentum continued to swell and in October they unleashed a brutal music video for “Big Bad Road Dog,” which featured a group of Muay Thai fighters and earned comparisons to Mad Max meets The Walking Dead.
Known for taking something and turning it on its head, Spirit Animal continue their musical domination with a holiday tune perfect for everyone who’s already had enough of the repetitive seasonal standards. “Come To Christmas” is a dirty alt-rock record about yuletide dysfunction: "You think your family's bad?,” the band asks, “COME TO CHRISTMAS at my house." Today, Spirit Animal released a limited edition 7-inch for the song, mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Pink, The 1975), that includes fan favorite "Regular World" on the B-side. The rambunctious music video follows singer Steve Cooper on his hazy journey of anti-holiday festivities – from getting smashed in the head with a beer bottle on the beach by Santa, to an intimate baby pool celebration on an NYC apartment rooftop.

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Also, if you’re in need of some holiday entrée ideas, check out Spirit Animal’s seared duck breast recipe on The Tasting Table HERE.

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