News: High Tides Are ‘Yet To Be Told’: Nottingham Quintet Release New Video Single Taken From Recent Mini-Album

Nottingham Quintet High Tides, self-described as ‘putting emo into pop punk since 2015’, have released a video for new single ‘Yet To Be Told’. Vocalist Christian Litchfield comments, “We recently went on a 10 day Headline tour around the UK. Along the way we collected footage of our down time and also got friends, family, and fans to film parts of our sets. We've compiled this footage into a music video to give an intimate, DIY view and experience for anyone watching. We hope you enjoy it," view it here. The single’s release follows that of Bridges, both of which appear on mini-album‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’, released 17th March via Scylla Records.

Completed by Tom Slack (bass/vocals), Matt Bramley (guitar/vocals), Alex Hiley (guitar) and Connor Rogers (drums), High Tides’ members have for the most part, been in eachother’s lives for years: “We’ve all been in bands previously both together and separately, but this final line up just clicked instantly both musically and socially”. Within the busy sphere pop punk, High Tides say that what sets them apart from their contemporaries is both their music and their live show: “We feel our sound brings some fresh elements to the UK Pop punk sound: a bit deeper, more mature and tending to stray from the typical ‘In sound’ of now. It’s always crazy energetic and we put absolutely everything into it; we don’t feel we’ve done a good enough job unless we come off stage looking like we’ve had a bath in sweat. I think that energy appeals to the crowd and allows them to enjoy every show by seeing how much we enjoy it, and that its okay to have a good old dance.”
‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’ was recorded with Myroslav Boris of Jigsaw Audio at Artifex Studios in Derby, with the band explaining: “We wanted to tell a story with the EP. So its starts very upbeat and bright; as it goes along it definitely takes a more serious and darker turn towards the end.” Comparing it’s sound to that of familiar favourites such as The Story So Far, State Champs and The Wonder Years, they also comment that they draw influences from “Hit The Lights for some catchy, bouncy characteristics; Four Year Strong for gritty aggressive vocals; more ‘Emo’ influences such as Taking Back Sunday and Brand New for Chris’ loud, raw, passionate vocals.” But whatever you make of the sound, you can be sure they’ll be delivering it with a big smile on their faces: “We really enjoy this band. UK Pop Punk, and even social network groups worldwide, have been so supportive and the whole scene is just so friendly. We’ve met so many bands and great people in a year and we just want this release to allow us to carry on this journey, meeting and sharing our music with more people.”  

‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’ Tracklisting: 

1. Resolution 
2. 52 
3. Yet To Be Told 
4. Heart 
5. Realisation 
6. Bridges 
7. Lucky For Some 
8. Home

Mini-album ‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’ is out now via Scylla Records. 

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