News: Point Of View Releasing 12" EP "Vultures" On May 12; New Song ("Wolves") Premieres on New Noise

San Jose, CA's Point Of View will release their new 12" EP, "Vultures", on May 12th, 2017 via Creator-Destructor Records.
Pre-orders are available at
A new song titled "Wolves" is now streaming on New Noise Magazine:
The Bay Area 3-Piece have been around since 2002 and have spent the last 15 years honing an intensely well-crafted blend of melodic punk rock into a sound that is undeniably their own – The band are no strangers to outstanding EP releases, either. POINT OF VIEW’s 2013’s ‘Burner’ EP showcased the band’s impressive ability to combine unconventional and lasting song-structures with extremely memorable vocal melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and tight-knit musicianship that left fans clawing more material.
The upcoming follow-up will surely serve as a perfectly satisfying next dose of melancholy melodic punk rock in the form of 5 incredible new tracks. In the past four years, the individual members of POINT OF VIEW have evolved as musicians and introspective lyricists, which is obvious upon first listen of “Vultures” - The album’s opening atmospheric swells launch into an array of different emotions, highlighted by the intricate, complex guitar playing of frontman Curtis Wallace, and the naturally fitting combination of his voice with the band’s drummer (and Curtis’ brother), John Wallace. Throughout the short but impactful journey of “Vultures”, the band confronts the realities of death, mortality, fading hopes and dreams, and the dread of coming of age in a world that feels inherently broken. While such topics could come off as morose and defeated, the heavier lyrical themes coalesce with the mid-tempo, often hopeful/uplifting aesthetic of the band’s music in a way that pulls on the heartstrings, leaving the listener feeling sad, hopeful, and simultaneously satisfied.
“Vultures” was recorded in late 2016 with Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios, and will be available on colored vinyl with a digital download included. The vinyl pressing will be limited to 250pcs, while the EP will be distributed everywhere digitally, including the Creator-Destructor Bandcamp site.
Curtis Wallace - Guitar/Vocals 
John Wallace- Drums/Vocals 
Michael Bragg- Bass/Vocals

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