Track By Tracks: Hummano - Genocide (2017)

1. Black Mirrors:

Who doesn't see himself reflected every minute of the day on his screen, on the palm of their hands?

Black mirrors talks about the increasing dependency of humans to their devices. A need not related to the functionality of these devices and how it helps them in their day to day lives, but a need to be part of a digital ecosystem of human relations. Why do you need to share your life with strangers? Is it because you have no self-esteem? Why do you need to see what everyone else is doing? Don't you have a life of your own? Digital relationships are annihilating real ones. How many times have you sat down with a friend to catch up and realised that you should’ve sent a message instead of wasting your time looking at a person that only has eyes for his/her mobile? We live in a very sad era.

2. Prophet of None:

You turn on the news and you only see death, abuse, war, crime, corruption... And the best part of all is that you, above every human being, knows what's right, what should be fixed and how. You are the chosen one that can change the world. You sit down on your couch, watch such catastrophes on TV or follow hashtags on Twitter, and you comment about it, solving every single issue with the tip of your fingers. Thank you very much. What would we do without your comments? I think it's time that you reflect upon your actions and either you kill yourself (figuratively) or you do something real about everything that you preach. But please, shut the fuck up, we don’t need to read/hear your nonsense. In this song we end up including the narrator in the story because let's face it, we've all done this at some point. But it's never late to change.

3. Stench of the Earth:

This is a topic that every band talks about. I could've chosen not to talk about it but it' s such an important issue that I thought it is imperative that I did. Climate change isn't a theory, it's a fact, a reality that is above us, a current menace. Everybody thinks that this is something that will happen in the future but my take is that in 50 years, we'll all be dead if we continue like this. The funny part is that when you talk to people about this topic they think that they will have amazing lives until judgement day, and they don't realise that there won’t be X amount of years of good life and then a catastrophe.

These will happen constantly and more and more often. Maybe you're the first one to die in the first catastrophe, who knows? In this song we talk about how we've fucked up big time. There' s no words of hope, no "come on guys, let's do it". No. That´s it. We’ve fucked up.

4. No Gods, No Masters:

The message here is clear: we are not guided, we don’t follow, we are not fooled or scammed into persuasion or religious belief and we are not a part of an ideological fraud that is represented by buffoons and marionettes. NO GODS; NO MASTERS. Historically speaking, religion has caused the most despicable atrocities, and still today we see how thousands of people are being slaughtered and annihilated just for not believing in an imaginary omniscient entity, regardless what branch or belief one "belongs" to. In the "political part" of the song, it basically comes down to the reality we see every single day. Corrupt leaders being pardoned and absolved from political crimes. False promises made to us by these puppets of a higher system that most of can't even begin to acknowledge. It just gets worse and worse every day, and in this case, the main problem is, we believe we have the power to choose and decide, but it's very limited, and we just watch how we are being deceived and we do nothing about it.

5. S.N.A.F.U.:

Situation normal, all fucked up. A military term that describes that as usual, we' re doomed. The song basically talks about the exasperation that the human kind makes me feel. Nobody gives a fuck about anything. You care more about a Facebook like than about your neighbor dying. Your life is worth more depending on the country you live in. If European kid gets a splinter in his finger, that's headline news. If 2000 kids get killed in Syria, not a single mention. It's sad but that's how it is. Probably if you read this you may think... it's true, people are fucked up. Now think again when you see the news and you don't give a fuck about anyone else and your great contribution to the cause is changing your profile pic for a flag. All the news we see is a lie. It's all been filtered and shown in a way that you will want to do what you're told. Think! Yet again, 90% of the population chooses not to. It's easier, right?

6. The Color of Misery:

In this track, we describe ourselves in first person as one of the most deadly weapons known to mankind and it's not a nuclear war head or any type of chemical weapon, its money. The currency of this first world slavery we live in and are destined to fight for. We base our lives on trying to prosper and become wealthy, and that makes us slaves to this fucked up system. It may seem hypocrite criticizing what we actually fight for day to day, but we have no choice and the main problem is how power in the wrong hands becomes so dangerous and crooked, and in the end in this un-equal society, the vast majority of us are who have to pay for what just a few are capable of. So many disputes over history, so many people have been killed over economic interest, it's just sickening.

7. White Paranoia:

If you didn' t get it with the title, you probably don't have a problem with this widespread drug. Social convention makes it easy to buy, to consume and to talk about it. It's not easy to quit something that surrounds you everywhere you go and is consumed by everyone you know. So, what shall I do? Shall I embrace it and forget about the consequences? Shall I continue but feel guilty about it? Or shall I try to quit, knowing that I'll fall right back into it at some point? The only solution I see is cutting relations with EVERYONE you know. Start fresh. New people, new city... whatever you need. Will you do it? Probably not. It' s difficult, scary, complicated. It ends up staying because after all, it's not a real addiction, it' s recreational. Is that reason enough to simply let go? I don't think so. There's no real fucking answer so talking about the problem seemed like something that could help. It didn't. Or did it?

8. King Cobra:

There’s many things I hate. Many, many things. We could say I'm hater (but not the classic social media hater, fuck them). Above all, my top 3 are religion, politicians and the police. This song talks about those so called protectors of the people. Government lackeys that forget they're just a tool used by the rich and powerful. I don' t know about the police in your country but in mine, they enjoy beating up their fellow man. They find joy in fining people and making their lives difficult. It' s basically impossible to find a police officer that actually does a good job and is honest. They abuse their power and use it against you in any way possible. Even if they get caught for whatever reason (drug trafficking, rape, beatings...), they escape the law because they protect each other. The situation is ridiculous. Best 2 jobs in Spain... police officer and politician. You can do whatever you want and nothing will happen to you. King cobra is the name given to those cobras that eat their own kind.

9. Solitary Confinement:

This is the story of an old person that lives in solitude. For one reason or another they don't have anybody. The person reflects on his/her life and sees what he/she has done wrong and uses it to give reason to that solitude. This person is talking to Death describing how he/she is dying and how that feels. It's a very sad, exaggerated story, about someone I know. It saddens me how good people end up their lives alone. Something I don't wish to anybody (except those I hate).

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