Track By Tracks: Wolf Skin - Low Spirits (2017)

1. Low Spirits:

This is the first song on the record which explains and foreshadows what the whole entire album will be about in a general meaning which is my world falling apart within a year. It mentions after my whole life of never believing in hopelesness, I was starting to reach the point where I thought it might just be possible.

2. Deadweight:

This is the second song on the record which is also the only song where I’m talking about myself. It explains how uncomfortable I feel in my own skin at times and how easy it is to feel like a ‘let down”.

3. Lungs:

This is the third song but also a short interlude foreshadowing the following song. It’s a spoken word segment where I talk about how much I miss my friend. I reminisce times when we were young, how he changed the lives of many, and how sad it was to see him go. 4. The
4. Free Life:

The fourth song is a follow-up / conclusion of Lungs where I go more into detail explaining the meaning. It’s about one of the greatest people to have ever entered my life, and then watch them get swallowed up by drugs / alchohol, then completely robbed the house soon after, then a day later, returned and burned the house down with the couple dead inside.

5. Rhea:

The fifth song on the album is about a relationship I shared with a person who after a very long time spent together, decided it was best waste himself and others. The song is about a specific moment where he, along with an accomplice, broke into an elderly couples home and murdered them in their bed in the middle of the night while they (my friend and his accomplice) were high on meth. They to part ways. It destroyed me from the inside out and I had completely lost all touch I had with reality. But the song is about a specific time where we hadn’t made any kind of connection for some time, and they end up making contact with me after they had and final song on the album is about my uncle who was going through a divorce due to his already huge existing problem of alcoholism. He ended up taking his own life on the side of a road because he felt that was the only way out of his mental state. I saved survived a life threatening car accident. I gave up on any progress I made, I dropped everything I had just to go back to what destroyed me. Once they got better, after I spent days / nights by their side, they realized they didn’t need me anymore (again) and left me for good. I chose the song name specifically because I didn’t necesarrily want this story to be a public specticle, but a title that if that person that this is about ever saw it, they would know exactly who / what it is about.

6. Why:

It was simply the end. This song to be last on the album because I never was able to understand something really reaching its end until he lost his life. It made me understand there was no coming back, there was no more hope, and there was no more chance of anything after that moment.

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