Behind The Scenes: Rosen Bridge - Dreamcatcher (Music Video)

Rosen Bridge are set to release sophomore EP ‘Dreamcatcher’ on 12 th May, with vocalist Antony Jones stating: “It’s about overcoming obstacles and chasing what your goals are. The artwork represents the journeys that people can take within their own thoughts, without looking like a self-help book cover.”

Named after a synonym for worm hole, as a somewhat tongue-in- cheek reference, they class themselves as ‘spiritually driven metal’ - which ultimately boils down to wanting to spread a message of positivity, something often not found in heavy music. In the lead up to the record, the band take us behind the scenes of the video for their lead single of the same name… "We picked the track "Dreamcatcher"; from the EP of the same name, as our lead single, after quite heavy consideration against the others. It basically came down to how well we think the track represents us as a band and we believe it does that really well. We thought as a music video/single we'd go in all guns blazing with a quick moving and heavy song!

The video is quite a simple conceptual performance, with some really cool slow motion shots in there. We really like that it's a good reflection of how our performance is live and we want people to see it and want to get to a show! We shot the video over in a rented venue over in Sheffield, where there was a rave still going on nearby from the night before! None of us had really had much sleep and so it was all a bit of an adventure getting up to Sheffield when we'd all been working and were a little nervous and stressed. The drive through the peak district in the morning was beautiful though.

We'll admit that we didn't have any accurate prepositions of how the video would turn out and gradually throughout the day with this rave going on, and with how cold it was in the venue, we were getting a little more uncomfortable and tired as it went on. However, it definitely paid off in the end. The VideoInk production team did an amazing job in such a short time that we had, getting the most out of it. We're really stoked with how it turned out and the response has already been great, so it was all well worth it!"
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