News:Rosen Bridge Release Dreamcatcher: North Wales Metalcore Crew’s Sophomore Out Now Ahead Of UK Tour


Hailing from North Wales, Metalcore quintet Rosen Bridge have released sophomore EP ‘Dreamcatcher’. Available to stream here and for digital download via major platforms, vocalist Antony Jones gives an insight into the four tracker: “It’s about overcoming obstacles and chasing what your goals are. Creating this record has essentially been a collective purge of emotions for us. It could have easily been a very dark record but the music & the experience of creating it with each other has been the positive driving force to help us find our feet and out of that negative space. We hope then that if it has achieved this for us, it can also be a catalyst of hope for other people.” The video for the lead single of the same name can also be viewed here.
Rosen Bridge, completed by Eddie Edwards and Marcus Williams on Guitar, Rowan Jack on Drums and William Roberts on Bass duties, are named after a synonym for worm holes. As a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reference, they class themselves as ‘spiritually driven metal’, which ultimately boils down to wanting to spread a message of positivity, something often not found in heavy music. “Our music is heavily influenced by our experiences in battling mental health issues. We want to motivate people to talk to us and each other and share their own experiences. We want people to be inspired to move against their pain and be the best person that they can be. We have all had experiences with living through highs and lows and the music that has inspired us in these times is the music that motivates us to change for the better,” comments Jones.
Serving as the follow-up to debut ‘Entropy’‘Dreamcatcher’ saw the band set out with the aim of creating a record that would “make people feel great”. Laying down the release with John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios, the members slept in one van and commuted to the studio each day, ready to give it their all. The outcome is comparable to a blend of Issues, Volumes & Northlane, with the band explaining:  “The new release tries to focus more on keeping a consistent groove, with the soulful vocal hooks from the first EP. We still kept some more complex sections, but really wanted to develop our style to have a more varied sound with heavy and lighter moments. 
Catch the quintet playing the new material live in May: 

18th: AATMA, Manchester 
19th - Foxy's Lomax, Liverpool 
20th: The Saddle, Chester 
22nd - Trillian's Rock Bar, Newcastle 
23rd - Subside, Birmingham 
24th - Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield 
25th: The Bird’s Nest, Deptford 
26th: The Harp Restrung, Folkestone 
27th: Flairz Venue, Hastings 
28th: 8 Bit, Swansea 
29th: The Full Moon, Cardiff 
30th - Skerries, Bangor
Rosen Bridge ‘Dreamcatcher’ is available now via all major digital distributors and to stream at

Dreamcatcher Tracklisting: 

1. Dreamcatcher 
2. Hold On 
3. Never Grow 
4. Brand New

Watch ‘Dreamcatcher’:  

More info: 

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