sábado, 1 de julio de 2017

News: Stargazer Releases "The Dream Electric"

Stargazer are back with the second single off their debut full length Tui La. The eclectic follow up to Temple of Solace is premiering now via the Famined Records YouTube channel

Beginning with an arrangement reminiscent of classical music, The Dream Electric kicks in with thumping bass, pounding drums, and soaring clean vocals. The collection of melodies and guitar tones are rather spiritual and cathartic in character, as if made to carry the listener away. The track's second half takes an interesting turn, as the band returns to their progressive metal roots with aggressive harsh vocals and breakdowns that any fan of Tesseract will surely love. 

Matt Copp (vocals), opened up about the track: "The Dream Electric is more like a nightmare, dealing with imperfection, anxiety, suicide, and rebirth. It was a perfect creation for us musically, drawing influence from Devin TownsendMeshuggah, and Beethoven. Complex guitar leads, creative musical story telling, soaring vocal passages, and a crushing ending make it one of our favorite songs we've ever written".

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