SEAWAY premiered new track "Something Wonderful" taken off their new album "Vacation" due out on September 15, 2017 via Pure Noise Records.

As the band’s follow up to 2015's "Colour Blind", "Vacation" marks a progression in sound while still giving listeners the high energy and well-crafted hooks they have come to expect.  


Formed in 2011, SEAWAY is Ryan Locke (vocals), Patrick Carleton (guitar, vocals), Ken Taylor (drums), Adam Shoji (bass), and Andrew Eichinger (guitar). The band has become known for their highly infectious brand of pop punk – one that strikes the perfect balance between the two styles and recalls a time when the genre centred on having fun. 

SEAWAY released their debut album "Hoser" in 2013. The following year, the five Canucks signed to Pure Noise Records to release their follow up EP, "All in My Head". Their sophomore full length "Colour Blind" was released in 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Tracklist and artwork:
1. Apartment
2. Neurotic
3. London
4. Lula On The Beach
5. Something Wonderful
6. Curse Me Out
7. Day Player
8. Misery In You
9. Scatter My Ashes
10. Car Seat Magazine
11. 40 Over
12. When I Hang Up

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