Fanning the flames of excitement surrounding their debut LP, Australian dream-pop group Death Bells have revealed yet another single from the forthcoming ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World.’ Driven by a staunch bassline and cloaked vocals, “Something Above” is the band’s darkest foray yet. Stream the single today via Noisey.
Formed in 2014, the Sydney band bridges the gap between somber pop and bloodletting post-punk. Staying true to their moniker, they craft contemplative and lively songs. After releasing a self-titled EP last year, Death Bells will be gifting the world with a full album in late September. The 10-track debut will explore the dark recesses of the heart and mind.
‘Standing At The Edge Of The World’ will be released in North America via Funeral Party Records (and in Australia via Burning Rose) on September 29. Stay tuned for more news to come.

‘Standing At The Edge Of The World’ Track Listing
1. Days
2. Alone, Into An Empty Clearing
6. Beneath The Flesh
7. Nothing Changes
8. Coming Down
9. Bury Your Light
10. Undertow

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