Antigony Records is proud to announce Moderntears' have joined the family.
Moderntears' was born in 2017 from the ashes of Italian metalcore/hardcore act Athena, after six years of touring, an EP and a full length album.

The video for their debut single "Wasting Away" is now available on Dreambound'sYoutube channel. The melodies are as sweet as they are melancholy, accompanied by the contrasting voices of the 2 singers, which the group has come to define as "Modern Melodic". Concerning the new song the band says: "With this song, we wanted to express the characteristic mood of those who live with the strong internal struggles of being unable to escape from their own self-destructive habits. A voluntary exile into solitude seems to be the only solution in order to not involve and harm others".

By focusing on real personal problems, as well as other themes, the band is noted for their intimate and careful search for their own sound, without limiting their influences, thus creating their own trademark, track after track.

The band is currently working on their first full length album, scheduled for realease in 2018.

"Wasting Away" artwork:

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