News: Obscura Amentia premiers new video for "The Art Of The Human Decadence"


Obscura Amentia are back with a new official video for the title track from their album The Art Of The Human Decadence, released earlier this year via Sliptrick Records. The video clip for The Art Of The Human Decadence tells about the journey of a single person and, at the same time, of the whole of mankind: a mental and physical evolution from innocence, purity and life (visually expressed through the use of light colours and lush nature) to corruption, artifice, doubt, and then in the end, death.

Video, editing, music and lyrics by Obscura Amentia. A special thanks to Puglia Federiciana for the help in searching of video locations

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Obscura Amentia are:
Hel – Vocals | Black Charm – All and drum programming

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