News: Shine Bright's 'More Wild Than The Wind' Out Today


Utah's Shine Bright have released their new EP 'More Wild Than The Wind' today.
The band will play a cd release show at Salt Lake City's Uban Lounge on October 8th.
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"Harkening back to the mid-2000s post-hardcore sound as heard by bands like Thrice, Underoath and more, the Utah quintet stylishly tip-toe between calm and atmospheric musicianship and loud and thunderous vocals."- The Noise
"Shine Bright continues the trend that has been creeping into 2017 that is paying homage to the older styles of Post-Hardcore. Shine Bright do an AMAZING job of bringing both extremes together to form a nice balance of the heavier side and softer side. The verses favor a Beartooth style while the chorus pushes more into the realms of older bands in the genre such as At The Skylines or older My Ticket Home."Soundlink Magazine
Track List
1. Grow Up
2. Jamais Vu
3. Remorse
4. With a Heavy Heart
5. More Wild Than The Wind

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