News: Spartan Records To Release Latest Album From Post Rock Powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION on Vinyl for the First Time Ever on December 15; Now Available for Pre-Order


Spartan Records will release "Dear Avalanche," the latest album from post-rock powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION, on vinyl for the first time ever on December 15. The label has launched pre-orders at
The latest offering in a discography often described as the ultimate symmetry of music and emotion, "Dear Avalanche" is the most accomplished and fully realized expression of sounds to date from Lights & Motion mastermind, Christoffer Franzén.
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First pressing limited to 500 copies:
• "Aurora Borealis" (Pink/Purple/Blue/Green Starburst) (250) 
• "Wharariki" (Yellow/White/Baby Blue Starburst) (250)

Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverseboard stock.
This limited release includes three bonus tracks including the previously unreleased song "Sun."

Christoffer Franzén says, ”Having the album pressed as vinyl was a way for me to try and extend the vision for the album one step further. The decision to create two very special colour designs felt really exciting and that was something I gravitated towards immediately. When I compose music I tend to hear certain sounds as colours, and for me these vinyl designs absolutely look like what the album sounds like in my head. I'm incredibly excited to finally share this with people, and proud to do it alongside a label as great as Spartan.”
About Lights & Motion:
Although many claim he is a magician, the band's braintrust, Christoffer Franzén, is a storyteller...and a masterful one at that. From the majestic climax of "This Explosion Within" to the hopeful build of "Silver Lining" to the delicate innocence of "Anomaly", every Lights & Motion track tells its own story by transporting the listener through tenor and tone to a place where anything and everything is possible. This astonishing interplay of soul and sound is truly a work of art as it connects with the listener in a way that transcends the music itself. Franzen's ability to elicit emotion on a universal level and touch the heart without words, is simply beyond the limits of all imagination. With this expertly crafted collection of rich new soundscapes, Lights & Motion not only again delivers but also elevates the architecture of cinematic post-rock to awe-inspiring new heights.
Lights & Motion recently surpassed 55 Million plays on Spotify thanks to 900,000+ monthly listeners. The band has 750,000 followers on Soundcloud and nearly 50,000 fans on Facebook. Music by Lights & Motion has been featured in numerous A-List Hollywood movie trailers (Fast & Furious 7, Concussion, Rules Don't Apply), Superbowl commercials (Budweiser, Furious 7), television spots (The Vampire Diaries, Bill Nye Saves The World, WWE) and online promotional campaigns for a wide range of sync licensing clients throughout the globe including Google, Apple, Adobe, Audi, Dropbox, Home Depot, Nike, Paypal, Samsung, Remy Martin and many more. Franzen resides in Gothenburg, Sweden and he is without question, one of the hardest working, most humble and biggest musical discoveries of the decade. "Dear Avalanche" certifies Lights & Motion as the cinematic post-rock point of reference, ensures the album's resting place among the highest echelon of post-rock releases, and further justifies Franzen's spot on the short list of great cinematic songwriters.
What others have said about Lights & Motion:
"I felt the majesty of the universe without a single word uttered. A sublime and beautiful effort." - Equal Ground
"A masterpiece of art from a rare and gifted musician. His best work to date and a huge step forward." - She Stole
"A magical and epic journey that transcends all describable feelings and sensation." - Stereofox
"Lush, vibrant and simply that begs to be the seen and heard on the big screen." - Oklahoma Lefty

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