News: STREAM REISSUE OF EARLY RECORDINGS FROM NOISECORE LYNCHPIN CABLE ‘It Cost Me Everything’ will be released October 13th via Atomic Action.


Nearly two decades after their basement rattling heyday, East Coast noisecore titans Cable have resurfaced with a reissue of recordings chronicling their first year as a band. It Cost Me Everything will include a long out-of-print demo cassette, a Cable/Malcolm’s Lost split 7” and the ‘Part Three/Feed Me Glass’ 7”, chronicling Cable’s evolution from 1994 to 1995. Stream the album and read an exclusive interview with vocalist/bassist Randy Larson via Decibel
“About a year ago Brian [Simmons, of Atomic Action Records] mentioned to me the idea of this release of the old material and I thought it would be cool considering its been over 20 years and the demo and EP's have been long out-of-print,” Larson says. “Besides, I figured it would be a good chance to re-release the stuff the way it was meant to be heard so we had all the tracks remastered.”
This seven-track package will undoubtedly remind listeners why Cable has become a pillar of the East Coast metalcore scene. The Rockville, Connecticut, quartet joined forces in 1994 after meeting through their town’s flourishing hardcore scene. In pursuit of an abrasive sound devoid of punk’s combative machismo, Cable combined complex rhythms and metal-influenced methodology. A blazing convergence of noise, hardcore, and emo, these early recordings have only emboldened with time. 
It Cost Me Everything will be released via Atomic Action Records on October 13th. Watch a teaser of the compilation here.

It Cost Me Everything, Track Listing: 

1. Plastic
2. Chained
3. Flowers & Funerals
4. Wireless
5. PaperPlaneCrash
6. Part Three
7. Feed Me Glass

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