News: Out Now! Colorado Black Metal SAR ISATUM Unleash Debut Album "Shurpu"


Denver symphonic black metal SAR ISATUM debut album "Shurpu" is now available digitally as of November 17th. Creating music for themselves, not copying what has come before, fans of various styles of black metal will find much to appreciate in this release.  The debut album features seven blistering tracks that are ethereal, nefarious, abhorrent, and cryptic. The concept of the album is a loose collection of stories told from an omnipotent source to establish Sar Isatum, the Lord's of fire perception of the world and thusly announce their entry into it through "Shurpu" a purification by fire.

Drummer Dalkhu comments:

"The album is a visceral piece of music, tight aggressive black metal that has punishingly brutal moments. The haunting keys give space to the musical assault and provide atmosphere with vocals that invoke a spirit of war."

Teaming up with Black Metal Promotion, the Colorado trio is premiering the full album stream at the following link: 

"Shurpu" digital album order available on Bandcamp here. Physical CD will be available on December 22nd.

For those in the Denver, CO area, SAR ISATUM will be performing with Belphegor, Cryptopsy, Panzerfaust, and Mount Cairn on November 19th at the Roxy Theatre. Full details can be found here.

“We are gonna get on stage and take it on like a battle in a war. Expect an intense live show from us, like a fire destroying everything in its path.” says Dalkhu.

Track Listing:

1. Sar Isatum (8:06)
2. Chenoo (3:13)
3. Black Gate (4:52)
4. Gormandizer (5:34)
5. Celestial Diaspora (5:27)
6. Vanaspati (4:04)
7. Halls of Pestilence (4:41)

Album Length: 36:01

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