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Track By Tracks: LETHVM - This Fall Shall Cease (2017)

1. Wandering at Dawn:

This song is about assisted suicide, a last night of love.

2. The Last Grave:

The inspiration for this text comes from an experience that everyone has already experienced. It is the feeling of falling into an abyss as you begin to fall asleep.

This text therefore refers to a fall and more precisely to the moment that precedes the collision between the body and the ground. This moment, when time seems to extend to the infinity between pain and nostalgia.

3. Winter’s Journey:

This is the most personal text. It describes how my feelings are marked on my body and how I'm trying to cope with it.

4. Shades of Minerva:

The inspirations are: Bukowski and Sade. There are also references to psychoanalysis and the Bible. The text tells the story of a battered woman by describing the relationship with her companion, as well as the guilty pleasure she derives from this situation.

5. An encounter with the Sun:

The basic inspiration comes from a film on Goya's story, a visit to a museum of torture and the reading of Sade's "misfortunes of virtue". The text tells the story of a girl who is imprisoned by the inquisition. It calls into question the justice of men. This song is a questioning about the existence of God.

6. Ejla:

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