Behind The Artwork: Antipope - Denial/Survival (2017)


The gorgeous sleeve illustration was painted in watercolor by Tiina Kaakkuriniemi. When I was planning the album release and thinking about what would be the perfect cover artwork for this album, I came across with Tiina's works, which you can find on Deviant Art website. As the album has little bit more organic elements than our previous releases, I felt that the artwork should also be other than photograph or CGI, something where you can actually see the artist's hand print, so to say. We threw some ideas back and forth and Tiina then presented this illustration that, in my opinion, reflects the ambiguous nature of the album and the album title "Denial/Survival". It's impossible to tell whether those arms are reach for or shielding from the light that starts to appear in the cavern where the viewer of the image is located.

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