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News: Through Lucid Eyes Releases Anniversary Playthrough

Last year, Through Lucid Eyes revealed a playthrough vid for the title track off their Transient EP and the band is now back with yet another video showcasing their shred capabilities. This time, guitarists Ryan O'Grady and Zach Avery pummel through the EP's fourth song in the tracklisting, "Introspection." The group is excited to announce that the new video was premiered via It Djents, which can be viewed here.

Ranging from melodic guitar leads to djent-y grooves, this track is bound to catch the attention of fans of ERRA, After the Burial, and Beartooth. Enjoyed the song and need more modern, proggy heaviness? The whole EP is available digitally and physically worldwide, so go check out all five killer tracks off the Transient EP now.

Regarding the song, guitarist Zach Avery stated: "'Introspection' is the cream of the crop. Ryan and I spent more time on the arrangement of this instrumental than any other track and it really showcases all of the elements that make TLE what it is today. We’re still unsure about our next steps as a band, but this song will definitely serve as a stepping stone."

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