News: Watch Super American's music video for "Good Boy" exclusively shot on Super 8 Kodak Film


With their second single in two days, Super American is poised to inflict their infectious melodies on everyone they can in 2018. Head on over to Alternative Press to watch their new music video (entirely shot on Super 8 Kodak film) for Good Boy. A music video forSamantha's Song was also released yesterday via Alternative Press. Expect a new LP later on in 2018. 

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Watch "Good Boy" Via Alternative Press:

Purchase their last EP "Disposable":
We live in a weird point in time that seems to glorify being sad, but you wouldn’t know it when listening to Super AmericanDisposable is a collection of songs that borrow from and build upon the building blocks laid by the pop rock of the 80s and 90s. One listen to “Sloppy Jazz” and the infectious “Na-na-na’s” that make up the chorus will recall the likes of “Angel is the Centerfold” and leave you singing along, smiling from ear to ear. 
There’s a care-free, youthful energy to the songs on Disposable, and although we’ve got two different vocalists and songwriters, these songs build upon one another to create the perfect album to start the new year with. Like “Sloppy Jazz”, the rest of the Matt Cox songs tend to feel more inspired by the likes of 80’s pop rock; huge organ swells and the perfectly wordy hooks lend themselves to some of the most Summery sing-a-longs. The Pat Feeley songs feel like they were ripped from the late 90’s; each of them feels like they could have fronted any of the decade’s handful of coming-of-age movies. 
These moments continue to build until we hit “Rebel’s Yell.” The song starts out acoustic and takes you out of the moment, but only for a second. The song feels like a Holy moment; from the chorus running high on “hallelujahs” to the moment when the music starts to pick up. This song is the pinnacle of everything they’ve strived to create, and the perfect note to end on. 
Disposable is out now via Take This To Heart Records. New LP coming soon. 

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