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Track By Tracks: Mind Enemis - Revenge (2018)

1. The Black Warrior:

I wrote this song with the desire to do something epic, Heavy Metal, but at the same time to add my personal way of seeing music, my style research. I love the energy that emanates, the drum parts, a solo guitar that is not used often in this genre, as I am very inspired by David Gilmour and Brian May, but I enjoyed experimenting with all this and trying to create my own style. The text concerns a rebirth, resurrection for return to fight and fight with more anger than before.

2. Goya:

The natural succession of the first piece, a ride to the battle, which can also be seen in a metaphorical sense obviously.

Playing with the chivalric theme to talk about current topics of their existence.
I really like the initial part, which I often use to open my concerts. The drum is the instrument with which I am amused more to record. I was able to transmit all the energy I wanted without computer corrections, as natural as possible.

3. Wild Existence:

While in the previous passage he enlists his army and rides himself towards the battle, here he fights, he gets serious.

The original vocal part was much more acute but only Rob Halford could have sung it. The whole instrumental part was pure improvisation, an attempt to make a very natural and pure progressive metal, rather than inspire me in the Dream Theater the influence goes also and above all to the mythical Rush.

4. My World:

Playing this song live is something wonderful. It lasts eight minutes, but they pass without realizing it. At the beginning we travel with hard rock with some touch of progressive. Then he comes alive mosaic and heavy metal joins the "Tool" with a guitar solo in which I take an example from the great Chuck Shuldiner, drum rhythm that reminds me of the most beautiful parts of Matt Cameron in the Soundgarden.

The genres are very distant from each other, but creativity should not have limits, only in this way can something wonderful be born, and I hope this my song can like it as I like it. The words encourages us to create our own world, the life we dream of, makes us roll up our sleeves and to build oneself, without compromise and without excuses and above all without fear.

5. Dream Time:

A  heavy metal piece at Manowar style. The drum is like the great Sean Reinert (Death, Cynic), but made with only one bass drum.

I chose to use only one pedal to the bass drum  to take full advantage of the dynamics and colors of the drum set.

The text is the most poetic, very peaceful, an apparent calm perhaps. I really like arpeggiating with distortion, it creates something magical, a sense of travel, of spiritual freedom.

6. The Dark life:

At the beginning it was one of my favorite tracks. I love Black Sabbath and this, and other pieces that I wrote, are proof of this.

I wrote here one of the most beautiful suns. It differs thematically from others, as if it were a reflection of a man who is embarking on a journey.

The history of man and the thief. It can be simple, trivial, but it is true and honest. A song to listen to again to fully appreciate it.

7. Angel of Consciousness:

An experimentation between rock and metal, with only Malmsteen-style guitar, Megadeth rhythm and Tool's drum.
I tell you this to give you a little idea. It is my style, free without thoughts, with a great desire to create music that transmits emotions and sensations.

8. The (Rock) Rite:

It was the first single of the album. Perhaps my first words in which there is really a chance to be happy, through music. The rock ritual can be nonsense for those without heart, but it is a reason for life for many who live a life in the darkness in the greed of society. The rock concert is a means to be 100% ourselves when we can not be in everyday life. A means of giving voice to those who can transmit with emotions, to those who have something important to say. 

Music is the largest communication language we are available to.

I think of movies like "Detroit Rock City" at "Rock Star", "Wayne's World" ... in every part of the world there's always a group of friends who drink beer and listen, or  play in their rehearsal room "bohemian rhapsody" or "master of puppets". This song conveys the aggregation that only rock can give.

9. Revenge:

It's my favorite song on the album, the one I'm most proud of. Although there are guitar solos throughout the album, I did not feel the need for it.

I wanted to do something memorable, to be fully satisfied with. In this passage I have transmitted all the anger and pain for the evil lived, that we have all lived at least once in a lifetime. The wrongs that have been done to us, the injustices and the obstacles we have had to overcome. Although revenge may not be a remedy, for me it is a necessity.

You have to do something, you can not wait with folded hands, you have to react. We must never forget it. Each of us has his way of doing it. I choose revenge, and whoever is against goes to the hell!

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