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News: Cove Unveil Smashing New Video

Hot off the heels of announcing their sophomore, EP ‘A Conscious Motion’, set to be self-released on 23rd March 2018, Kent mob Cove have unveiled the video for single ‘Coincide:Collide’ here. Guitarist Pete Woolven says of the piece: “It’s the first track off our upcoming EP and our darkest track lyrically. The themes that are discussed are deeply personal to us in the band, dealing with loss and the void it can leave in your life. The video we filmed with Lewis Cater (Moose Blood, Neck Deep) as we felt like we’d stepped it up a level with the music, so we wanted to do the same with the visuals.”
The band, completed by Jack Bowdery on Drums, Charlie Smith on Bass, Ben Brazier on Guitar and new vocalist Ben Shorten, agreed on the title ‘A Conscious Motion,’ with each having their own interpretation. Woolven explains his view as concerning “conscious change, making a personal journey”. With a change in mind, the band decided to be more involved in this, their follow-up to 2016’s ‘We Were Once Lost’. Interweaving the lyrical content into the artwork and ensuring nothing was lost in translation, they created it themselves: “We’ve always been fairly hands-on and are happier with a DIY approach to artwork. It’s something we feel puts more of a personal stamp on what we have created”, explains Woolven.
Revisiting Hidden Track Studios to work again with Oz Craggs, the band’s focus for ‘A Conscious Motion’ was collaboration, especially in light of their new line-up: “Ben has been an important part of the band, even before he actually joined, having been our friend and sound engineer. He has definitely brought new things to the table, from another person helping to structure and piece together songs, to also exploring different musical dynamics with his voice. There is a little piece of everyone in each song, something we didn’t have before and this has definitely broadened our sound. “Cove” is a group of individuals who make honest music for themselves not based on current trend or flavor of the month.” Reaching new emotional depths, the EP covers themes such as the pain of loss and the challenges of soul-searching and acceptance. A must for fans of While She Sleeps, Architects, Devil Sold His Soul and British heaviness in general, Cove declares: “We got bored of being compared to sounding like other bands – we wrote to sound like Cove.”
In the lead up to release, the quintet is focussing their energies on the road, having recently played alongside Sikth and shortly touring the UK with Feed The Rhino. “We want to be a band that even if you don’t like heavy music, you walk away from seeing us thinking “Fuck me, that was good,” the band assert - you do not want to miss them:

Cove Self-Release Sophomore EP ‘A Conscious Mind’ On 23/03/18. Pre-Order: 
Watch Video ‘Coincide:Collide’: 
More From Cove: Facebook | Twitter | Official Website  | Instagram | Spotify

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