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News: The new era of De Profundis begins! Pre-orders for the new album go live!

The silence has been broken and a new age has begun - a new age of darkness, rage and war! It's been a long wait but finally the fifth album from the UK's masters of death is about to be unleashed, through their new label Transcending Obscurity Records. The Blinding Light Of Faith will be loosed from its chains on May 10th and pre-orders for this staggeringly heavy creation are live NOW! 

The Blinding Light Of Faith is available to order in three formats - eight panel, full colour hardcover digi-pak, digital download and limited edition, gold embossed box set. The limited edition box sets contain:-

- autographed and hand numbered certificate cards, signed by the whole band
- the massive eight panel digi-pak edition of the album
- a gloss finished coaster
- a patch featuring the new De Profundis logo
- a guitar pick, also featuring the new band logo
- an exclusive album artwork sticker

These box sets  are already selling fast so don't delay if you want to own the ultimate edition of The Blinding Light Of Faith!

As well as ordering your copy of The Blinding Light Of Faith you can pick up one of the brand new De Profundis t-shirts, featuring the amazing album artwork and new band logo.The artwork was created by Alex Tartsus who has previously worked with Sinister and Depravity and the logo was created by none other than Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Design. Gary is known throughout the metal world for his work with the likes of Napalm Death, Kreator, Misery Index and Benighted.

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