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News: HALLUX Unleash New Video "Yersinia Pestis"; Debut Self-Titled Album Out Now!

Vancouver's blackened death thrashers HALLUX reveal their new music video "Yersinia Pestis" in support of their debut self titled album unleashed this past February. Inspired by Toxic Holocaust, Satan’s Wrath, S.O.D, Celtic Frost, and Power Trip, the trio offers a thrash album with influences that draw from Death, Black, Crossover and D-Beat. The album features ragers such as ‘Yersinia Pestis’, ‘Master Machine’, ‘Chosen Enemy’, ‘Absolved in Flames’, and ‘Herders of the Weak’.

The band comments:

“We decided to start a project focused on a straight-forward approach and aesthetic inspired by early extreme metal bands, with the classic three-piece line-up, and leaving behind anything other than the absolute necessity to pull it off. We hope this album is received as a representation of our ideals by like-minded people…We want it to incite feelings of disconformities and disdain by illustrating the corruption of all forms of authority.”

Watch their new music video "Yersinia Pestis" at the following link  -

HALLUX’s self-titled album is available on BandcampiTunesCD Baby and all major online retailers.

Track Listing:

1. Exordium (1:29)
2. Herders of the Weak (3:30)
3. Yersinia Pestis (2:53)
4. Master Machine (2:58)
5. Call of The Blackbird (2:42)
6. In Apathy (3:39)
7. Shepherd Pig (3:14)
8. Lowest Common Dominator (2:42)
9. Chosen Enemy (3:01)
10. Absolved in Flames (2:06)
11. None (5:14)

Album Length: 33:33

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