News: PROFANE ORDER: Montreal Based Bestial Black/Death Metal Troop's EP "Tightened Noose of Sanctimony" To Be Re-issued On CD Through Krucyator Productions

Canada and bestial black/death metal are inextricably linked and anyone familiar with the aforementioned sub-genre of black metal must avow it openly. Conjured by the members of black metal bands Spectral Wound and Taggarik in 2015, PROFANE ORDER keeps running the wheel of the Canadian legacy to spawn ear damaging, cataclysmic war/ bestial black death metal. Soon after crawling out of the black tomb, the Canadian theriomorphic quartet offered the debut album “Marked By Malice” in 2016, which was followed by the EP “Tightened Noose of Sanctimony” in the following year. Both releases, having the power to turn a sane person to go berserk with a nuclear arsenal of weapons, were hailed in the underground, and thus the tape formats of both releases were soon out of stock. 

Sonically, PROFANE ORDER is the archaic apparatus that engenders uncontrolled dosage of distressful and homicidal riffs, surrounded by occasional, weird brief solos. Abomination fueled vocal assaults, sharp-edged bass lines and inhumanly hammered blasting drums turn the compositional structures to even deadlier and fearsome at the same time. The proficiency to avoid blatantly copying a few single bands sets PROFANE ORDER apart from most of their peers; they have not reinvented anything, however they made it dreadfully indelible.  

KRUCYATOR PRODUCTIONS is to unleash the EP “Tightened Noose of Sanctimony” on CD format for the very first time. The CD will include the first release of the band, "Marked by Malice", as a bonus. Hence, take possession of the entire discography of the band within this single CD.  


1. Sick Seed Eradication
2. Total Sacrifice
3. Terror Worship
4. Traitor's Perdition
5. Summoning of Black Divinity
6. Morbid Lust

(Marked by Malice)

7. Rat's Nest
8. Ad Nauseam
9. Dyed in the Wool
10. Misanthropic Sect
11. Foul Abhorrence
12. Siege
13. Natural Order


BUNDLE PRE-ORDER (Drawn and Quartered / Autokrator / Profane Order): 

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