Track By Track: Foul Body Autopsy - This Machine Kills Zombies (2018)

1. Ghost Ships:

Ghost Ships was one of the last songs written for the album the song its self is very simple. It is made of just two riffs with a verse chorus verse chorus arrangement. This being the first song on the album it needed to kick start the concept. The lyrics are about ghost ships full of corpses washing up on shores all over the world.

2. The Unquiet Dead:

The Unquiet Dead is the second song on the album and it was the second song that I wrote for the album. It’s more of a straight-ahead thrash track with a stereotypical arrangement. The lyrics in this song follow the UK government workers and the army as they investigate why ghost ships filled with corpses have been washing up on the country’s shores.

3. Outbreak:

Outbreak is the melodic death metal track on the album and it has an arrangement that I haven’t ever used before. The lyrics in this song describes the autopsy of one of the corpses from the ghost ships in the hope of shedding some light into how they died. But mid autopsy the corpse reanimates and attacks the pathologist. Then the rest of the corpses on all the other ghost ships begin to reanimate and attack the living.

4. Chaos Reigns:

Chaos Reigns was written in late December of 2016 I had just gotten myself a new laptop after my old one died. I don’t tend to use laptops very much but I like to have a laptop as a backup for my desktop computer. I was putting my new laptop through its paces to see how well it would work for recording and mixing and I ended up coming up with the song that eventually became Chaos Reigns. The lyrics in the song are about the reanimated corpses attacking the living and creating more zombies while the army tries to kill as many as they can.

5. Obliterate All Life:

Obliterate All Life was written in April of 2017 while I was meant to writing my dissertation. To be fair I had been working on it for 8 hours straight so getting to play guitar for a few hours change of pace. In the few hours that I was playing a came up with the basic idea that would become Obliterate All Life. From what I can remember I wrote the main riff, the verse riff, as well as the solo, then revisited it a few days later and finished it off. The lyrics in this song are about Donald Trump deciding that the best way to eradicate the zombies in America would be to nuke all of America and kill every living thing.

6. Total War:

Total War was written in about March of 2017 I remember writing it when I was trying out Pro Tools for the 30th time. I don’t overly dislike Pro Tools but I have found it to be very glitchy at times and it always put me off of using it full time. The song has a kind of strange arrangement that just happened on the fly as I was writing the song. I did try and change the arrangement later on but I would always find myself going back to the original for some reason. The lyrics for this song is about all of the governments of the world deciding to band together to fight the zombies and eradicate them.  

7. Circling The Drain:

Circling The Drain is my favourite song on the album it had about three different arrangements before I settled on the final one. The lyrics in this song are basically about humanity getting wiped out even though everyone decided to set aside their differences and fight together. But by the time the agreed to help each other, it was too late and they were completely outnumbered.

8. Purified Ready To Reclaim:

Purified Ready To Reclaim may be the final song on the album. But it was, in fact, the first song that I wrote for the album. It is made up of two demos that I made around the sometime and because they sounded too similar I decided to make them one song. I then had my friend Aaron Bright play a piano solo at the end of the song to finish off the album. The lyrics on the song are basically about the fall of the human race and nature reclaiming the earth.    

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