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Track By Tracks: Born From Lie - The New World Order Part 1 (2018)

1. An endless jurney: 

The protagonists of this story are travelling on a boat, supposed to be guiding them to a promise land where surviving is tough. Lots of them fall, start to loose hope and begin to feel ill.

The idea behind the melody at the beginning of the play, came to my mind in 2016 after a concert of David Gilmour at le Château de Chantilly (ou „Chantilly Castle“).

2. The path of hate:

A group of migrants disembark on the harbor of a city surrounded by a wall. Some bystanders explain them the story behind its construction: A man was once elected upon a project of building a wall to protect the city from the outside. However, after a certain time, a selection process appeared: the weakest who were unable to work were expelled. Those people on the harbor were part of them. Nevertheless, a possibility remains to enter the city through a gate controlled by the army. 

I composed an introduction for this piece initially dedicated to Gilles Andrieux (who played some Yaily Tanbur on the introduction), but we eventually kept one of his improvisation which seemed absolutely perfect.

3. The Cell: 

The protagonists are in the cell, the army explains them what will follow next: Some psychological and medical tests will be run in order to evaluate their capacities to join the city. The ill ones will be cured.

4. Draw Strawns: 

The protagonists begin to have doubts. After few days, none of the sick people came back from the nursery. They decide to send one of them pretending to be ill so as to figure out what is really happening.

5. Insomnia: 

While waiting for the feedback of “Finn”( who volunteered and pretended to be ill), the narrator of this piece cannot fall a sleep and suffers from insomnia. He still has some faith that Finn will come back with some positive feedback.

It’s Nicolas (our lead guitarist of the group), who is at the origin of this play. The blues side of it was completely matching the dynamic of this song and the story behind. The trumpet was recorded at the very last moment, only two days before we started mixing the album up. It really added something which was missing to this song, a big additive value.

6. With their lies: 

The Guards explained the protagonists that Finn will come back once he will be healed. Their doubts are confirmed: The army is lying. The idea behind the main riff is somehow for us a tribute to Lemmy Kilmister

7. The Split:

The group is divided in two parts: Those who want to leave the cell and refuse to go on in order to enter the city and those who want to keep going anyway. The group decides to split-on.

8. New world order:

Part 1

The group who decided to drop-off is still locked in the cell while the other ones left it. They are ask to talk with the President to know what their fate will be. On our previous album, Gilles Andrieux came to play some Saz on one of our piece. I was really impressed with its ton and tried to play some myself. The all basis of this piece was composed on Saz, which I played here.

Part 2

The President reveals the truth: Those who came in the city will be used to do the dirty work as long as they are capable of doing so and will be thus thrown away and replaced once they will be completely used. Those who will be judged as unable or useless from the very beginning will be directly eliminated. Indeed, the president makes everyone believe they have their chances so as to avoid any group creation outside of the city that might join an on going opposition. Therefore, those remaining in the cell learn that they will never be free to prevent them from joining the rebellion.

Part 3

The remaining group was eliminated, a soldier informed the cell controller that one person was declared missing from the city.

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