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Track By Tracks: Polynove Pole - On The Edge Of The Abyss (2018)

1. Сивий Ангел (Grey Angel):
The song tells about a wicked and tired angel's visit to tell a sad truth. What is the Earth and what is waiting to all of us, living today? The lyrics written in impression from a picture, named "The Old Angel". An angel with wings, but resembling an old man with a long and grey beard, looking down at humanity, dying in sins and hostility.
2. Каїнові Діти (Cain's Children):
This song tells about lost souls, bringing useless hopes to the indifferent God. They stand above endless road, among the dust and gloom, and crows cry over them. They fall in hopelesness and fear, trying to save themselves.
3. Вогні В Тумані (Lights In The Fog):
Instrumental piano track. The name was found during a walk along autumn streets, seeing the lanterns lights in the evening fog and rain.
4. Нічні Птахи (The Nightbirds):
The song was written in 2008, and appeared in "On The Seven Winds" LP album. Threr is a remake on the album "On The Edge Of The Abyss", re-arranged and in lower tunning. The lyrics tells about lonely birds, leaving the Earth in the night sky, their farewell to all they knew and loved.
5. On The Edge Of The Abyss:
The main song of the album. The lyrics in English, dedicated to feelings of the author about band's history. Hopes and losses, rises and fails, despair and pride. No other way, than to believe in his dream and struggle to make it real.

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