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Behind The Artworks: Red Devil Vortex - Something Has To Die (2018)

Sometimes I create an idea for an album cover or a song before they actually make conscious sense to me. I just go for what I think looks good visually and sonically without over thinking it. Then, after seeing the result, I usually understand it better when I relate it to where I was at that point in my life. That’s how it worked with the title and the art cover of “Something Has To Die”.

When I proposed the name “Red Devil Vortex” the guys weren’t sure about it, but I really, REALLY liked it. We tried to find other names, but that was always the one that would be stuck in my head. Although creating the band Red Devil Vortex was a breath of fresh air for all of us because we wanted to do something different than everything we’ve done with other bands in the past, there was a lot of uncertainty in the air during the early stages about which direction to take until we eventually decided to blindly trust what felt right, so that’s what I see in that artwork.

It shows us walking and finding the neon V. We found it and we saw it could be something bigger than all of us. In the picture, as I point to it, Pablo’s trying to keep me from going further, which to me represents the uncertainty I mentioned before. The deserted yet surreal environment represents the fact that we can create whatever we want in this world out of nothing and succeed as long as we’re true to ourselves and dare to step ahead. To step ahead and find something new, we must leave something behind. Something Has To Die.

The band picture was taken by Nate Ledger, I had the concept and the artwork around it was made by Devansh Atray, a digital artist from India.

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