Track By Tracks: Eufory - Higher And Higher (2018)

1. Dragon Hearts:

I don’t know all the details of myths and legends about dragons, but the point in this song is that dragons fought against people who oppressed others. Therefore they deserved their eternal place on the sky in the form of constellation. Thanks to that, people will never forget what did dragons do for them.

Every single star is a symbol of a heart of a dragon. This might be only a legend, but also legends and myths themselves have some educative meaning for people. We are also mere people who believe that there exists someone who stands and fights on our side. It doesn’t have to be dragons, but who knows how the world looked like millions years ago…

2. Dancing Star:

It’s all about feelings of a man who is enjoying sex while driving a car. The man describes how he sees a beautiful woman who makes him happy, even though it could be an anonymous prostitute. Moves of the woman reminds him a dance, or riding a horse. But it could be only a dream… Funny, what can men think of, right?

3. Karmic Eyes:

Everybody probably know what Karma is. Everyone’s mentioning it, but who does really keep it in his mind and heart? Some say that either in this life, or in the following one, a man who hurts others will suffer and the one who suffers will get better.

Let’s be honest. Everyone hides his life and real character behind imaginary doors due to fear of Karmic Eyes.

4. Louder:

This song is the sequel of the song “Metal is the Hero” from the first album – celebration of the metal music and the metal gods who have passed away. And we want people to sing it louder!

5. I Want Out:

The song is to point out that people usually try to do the best for their lives, but today’s system and the power of influential and wealthy people prevents them from living more dignified, although they certainly deserve it. An ordinary human being has no dignity and value, he is just a tool. This world will not last long, people “want out” even at the cost of their own death. Nothing has a meaning anymore.

6. On a Pyre:

This composition is riddled by emotions of a man who is standing on a pyre, being burnt by what he lived for. Flames that are scorching not only his body, but most of all his heart, are depicting love, which he lived and died for.

While dying, he is soaring higher and higher, although the death is pulling him down to the depths. He is reaching heavenly lights, realizing that he is a victim – not a culprit of his fate. He doesn’t forgive and wants to return. Nobody knows, what his plans are, though. We’ll see…

7. Soldier from Beyond:

Why millions of soldiers died in battlefields and the mankind didn’t take a lesson? One of the soldiers returned from the other world to express his chagrin. He sees the only hope for a better future in small children. They are pure and sincere.

8. What a Shame!:

An uncompromising, criticizing and hard-tempered song without mincing words when looking at sexual deviations and deviants in the councils of the church. Incomprehensible! What about the Church and the Lord themselves? Is their preaching merely illusion and deception? Probably yes. They do what they want for hundreds of years, and other religions are similar, if not worse.

9. One More Fucking Time:

It’s a homage to the Motorhead band and Lemmy Kilmister. They did a lot for heavy metal, so we decided to give their beautiful but rather unknown ballad our sound and honour them this way.

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