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Track By Tracks: Here From The Start - Letting Go (2018)

1. Lost My Way: 

The opening track is the perfect mix of heavy and catchy. A song about Peter losing a close friend a few years back, with a chorus that gets stuck in your head for days. 

2. See My Call:

The second track is the heaviest one on the EP, See My Call is Chris Walter's baby. It has big ambient synths with breakdown driven guitars, melodic lead lines, this one hits hard! 

3. Bells:

Bells is one of the first songs the band wrote together. Re recorded and Re mastered, the track is about other people out there trying to bring you down. 

4. Stay:

The slow song on the EP. Written by Cody Birch, Stay is about an old relationship and losing someone you truly care about. 

5. Letting Go:

The title track, Letting Go is about just that. Letting Go of old feelings and moving on to be the best version of yourself. Sometimes it is best not to hold on but to let go!

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