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Track By Tracks: Jupiter Hollow - Ahdomn (2018)

1. Disclaimer:

In no way is the theatrical concept of this album finite or definite. The album, like all art, should take on a unique personal meaning to all who hear it. Likewise, this album and its songs all have multiple personal meanings to me that do not relate to the concept in any way. 

2. Ascending:

We begin at the end... discovering that there has been an immense tragedy costing the existence of an entire species, minus the individuals in power, for in their spaceship they watch their society’s demise at their hands. 

3. Hades Heart:

We arrive at the beginning, to see how the two power characters rise to their future position over their lives, arguing and bickering with their conflicting moralities

4. Deep in Space:

The setting of the governing spaceship that oversees the planet is revealed, and the turmoil between the power characters begins to boil

5. Over 50 Years: 

A sense of chronology and a reference of timeframe starts to develop here, the entire story of AHDOMN takes place over 50 years. The society in which they govern is collapsing and the power characters are too preoccupied with their own quarrel to attend to their responsibility. 

6. Mandating our Existence:

One character attempts in a last ditch effort to break through to the other about his horrible intentions and desires, hoping to spark a movement to rescue their society from imminent eradication.

7. Null Without Praise:

It is revealed, after the final argument, that these two characters are, in fact, one single person struggling with their conflicting moral compass, accepting that he cannot face his responsibilities, he destroys himself and his society in shame and sets his ship away with no destination, limited fuel and no desire to remain alive, we reach the end of the story that was foreshadowed in Ascending

8. Odyssey:

This song fits between AHDOMN and the upcoming second record. 

The character attempts to kill himself hysterically and immediately regrets the decision, the lyrics of this song a deep soliloquy, he passes out as his ship runs out of fuel caught in orbit of a habitable Alien world. The ship crashes and thus begins the concept of the 2nd record. 

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