Track By Tracks: Just 6 Hours - Sober (2018)

1. Ashes:

Ashes is about a girl named Ashley, who was addicted to many different drugs and was a heavy smoker, hence her nickname, Ashes. She used to always talk about how much she hated her addiction, but everyone knew that she was lying.

2. Patrick:

Patrick was a guy who had everything going for him, but had his demons that troubled him, including drugs, mental illness and family issues.

3. Pity Me:

Pity Me describes a sexual abuser and their self loathing that turns into abusiveness. This person is trying to reach out and get help for their personal issues through abusing, and eventually realizes that he can’t be helped.

4. One Way Doors:

The tales of a drug addict are often overlooked. One Way Doors looks at the feelings, emotions and true genuine problems a drug addled adolescent/person deals with, and their realization that there may be no help for them.

5. Dan:

Dan is about a young kid with Cancer and a bad case of OCD and mental illness. He wanted everyone to feel okay, because he knew what it was like not to feel okay and didn’t want anyone to feel like that.

6. Number Man:

Your Number Man is a part of you that you didn’t think you had. This part could be good or bad, but this part of you affects you in a major way.

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