Behind The Artworks: Kill Everything - Scorched Earth (2018)

I had the idea of using Cthulhu as a focus of an album cover pretty early on because I felt like that creature embodies what the band is all about, which is basically the destruction of mankind, and the beast/band is the force sent to wipe it out. I was originally going to do the art myself but I came upon a picture online (the actual cover) and was absolutely floored. It was what I wanted, it was epic, frightening and the artist really captured the scale of the huge beast unlike I’ve ever seen before. I had to track down the artist, which took some digging but I eventually found his portfolio site. Turns out he is a concept artist from Chile, named Felipe Escobar. I wrote him asking if the art was available, that I was in a band and wanted to use it for an album cover. He was really cool and excited about it. The art was indeed available, as it was a personal piece by himself, which he was selling as a poster. We agreed to a price the rest is history. It worked out great!

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