Track By Track: TYMO - Purge & Reset (2018)

1. All Looks Alive...In The Dark!:

Inspired by horror movies such as “The Conjuring” and “Insidious” or any paranormal show. When the characters are in a dark room and something is ready to jump out, everything in the room looks like it could jump out, even objects. The song goes through the process of a demonic paranormal haunting. Sound wise it's a harmonic minor dynamic driven fast paced thrasher, inspired by the likes of 80's Metallica.

2. Killer Krom:

Written about the “Rick & Morty” character Krombopolos Michael and his time throughout the episode. It also switches between his point of view and the viewer. It's a Megadeth inspired thrasher, in your face dueling guitars, angry vocals and shredding solos.

3. Purge & Reset:

Let’s just say we have a main creator or superior being. If this being gave us everything we needed to flourish as humanity and returned to see all of the wars, world leaders and corruption. This being would want to wipe the slate clean and start over. It's a mid paced heavy heavy track with a big climaxing chorus which drives the point home.

4. Flames To Frost (Instrumental):

Inspired by Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings, a Viking battle song! A battlefield of riffs, fast solos and atmosphere!

5. Evolved From You:

About the anger you feel after someone betrays you and everything you have to say about them in that moment in time. Inspired by the likes of Municipal Waste, fast in your face, to the point with raunchy lyrics.

6. Intent Comes To Shove:

Written during Alberta’s big recession, jobs were hard to find, employment insurance ran out. If you had a family to feed and the government wasn’t meeting you halfway, would you steal or break a law so they could survive? It was also inspired by Walter White from “Breaking Bad”. He had to find a way to make sure his family was secure, by any means necessary. Fast down picking guitars, harmonizing guitars which is very reminding of Iron Maiden, most punk inspired track on the record.

7. We The Pawns:

This song was inspired by military conscription and wars like the Vietnam War. The leaders would send soldiers over to die for their own greed. If this were to repeat, maybe we should attack the other direction on the chessboard. The most technical track on the record, angry riffing, dynamic driven, never knowing what is coming next.

8. Above This Storm:

We played a music showcase when we were just starting out and quickly learned this showcase was only about money, not the music. This song is an anthem against music business scammers trying to pump bands full of hope and then cleaning them out. Don’t let those starry eyes block the truth. Very groove influenced with down tuned guitars, feel changes, a powerful chorus, shredding solos and harmonies any metal head will love!

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