Behind The Artwork: OMINOUS ECLIPSE - Sinister (2018)

The artwork for "Sinister" was originally drawn by "Rifkihaq Artwork" and was redone by "Dark Days Design." We gave the artist creative control for the art providing only the lyrics and the general idea of a post apocalyptic world as influence. The original piece done by "Rifkihaq Artwork," was a really cool illustration of our very vaguely given concept. There was no vision of what was wanted in mind but we were given exactly we wanted to see. Unfortunately, the end result was a little rough and we wanted something a little more professional looking as people tend to judge a book by its cover. We took the piece to "Dark Days Design," who took the original art and redesigned it from scratch based on the same concept. It has a sharper and darker look which definitely represents "Sinister." There were some elements in the original that did not make it into the final recreated piece so now we have 2 takes on the art which are similar but different. To me it represents death with the memory of life displayed with decaying civilization.

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