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Track By Track: Circle Of Crows - Everything Comes After Zero (2018)

We are pleased to have an exclusive track by track feature of the new EP from UK rockers CIRCLE OF CROWS. The band take from Alter Bridge, Soundgarden, and Audioslave, and release their new EP, Everything Comes After Zero, on 17 th August. For more on the guys, visit -

1. How To Wait For Nothing:

We thought we’d kick the EP off with one of our most stomping riffs - something that grabs your ear and makes you want to headbang. It then becomes a bass heavy verse with a big chorus. Lyrically it’s about me questioning the existence of God after a personal tragedy. You can stream the track here - .

2. Broken Children:

A RATM inspired song that came together really quickly. A really groovy verse turns in a massive chorus before an in your face, double-time bridge. Lyrically it’s essentially a letter to my siblings, letting them know we’ll be okay and that I’m here for them after a family member’s passing.

3. Into The Sun:

One of the few songs we have in a major key. It’s simple, anthemic and has a big, sing along chorus. Lyrically it’s juxtaposing the major key by being about the struggle to open up and find happiness in whatever you choose to do with your life.

4. Everything Comes After Zero:

Our most off kilter, Biffy/Arcane Roots inspired track. Tonally awkward and rhythmically interesting, it’s really fun to play live and has another big, anthemic chorus. Lyrically it’s about not letting anyone keep you down, written after a particularly miserable day of retail work. I know - Rock ‘N’ Roll.

5. Nightmare Cinema:

This is a straight forward hard rock stomper that’s packed full of big riffs, guaranteed to get people headbanging. It’s also a lot of fun live and always ramps up the energy in the room. The name is a play on Dream Theater – a band we love.

Open Doors

We all love this song but it almost didn’t make the EP due to time restraints. Luckily Steve
nailed the drums in one take. Based around Josh’s lovely harmonic bass riff the verses are
spacious with an intimate chorus leading to an epic, cathartic outro.

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