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Track By Track: OMINOUS ECLIPSE - Sinister (2018)

1. Death by Dissection:
This opening track kicks off the album full speed. With this composition, we were definitely aiming for something in the technical death metal realm while maintaining our usual groove feel. Lyrically it's just your typical death metal song.
2. Sinister:
The title track of the album was written over the span of a few years. I found this made for a very diverse song. The theme of the song is the prediction of the end of humankind brought down on ourselves by turning our backs on each-other.
3. Spiral into Insanity:
This track was the second single we released from this record. It’s a classic groove death metal track. When laying out the album, this track was more of an afterthought. After adding the vocals and messing around with the trade off guitar solos, the song transformed into one of the strongest on the album and to use live.
4. Lost at Sea:
This is the longest track on the album. It starts off with clean guitars and builds to a melodic death metal track.
5. No Redemption for the Damned:
I found with this track there's a lot more building in the verses and emotion in the chorus. The second half of the song has a very strong almost hard rock feel to it. Lyrically this song was a lot more meaningful to me as it deals with pain, loss and dilemma inspired from some hardships faced in life.
6. Breaking the Chains:
The goal of this track was to make a black and roll type of song. To paint a better image, my main influences were Immortal and Boston. Our friend Fracesco Falsetto provided guest vocals on this track.
7. The Horde:
This was the first single we released for the album over a year ago now. I'd say it’s our strongest track we've written so far as it showcases both our technical and melodic abilities. It has speed, groove and a chorus aimed to motivate listeners to sing along. The lyrics are based on the "Battle of Helms Deep" from "The Lord of the Rings."
8. Eye of the Raven:
This track very much mirrors "Lost at Sea" and closes the album very melodically. It’s a very diverse track as it fluctuates between fast hard hitting riffs and mellow building sections in between. This song features guest vocals from our friend in the local scene Zac Murray.

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