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Track By Track: Profane Burial - The Rosewater Park Legend (2018)

1. The Tower Bell:

This was actually a song I did not like too much when first composing, I was unsure and very nervous to present the idea. Luckily my good friend André really liked it and did his magic with it (as with all the tracks on the album), and it turned out to be a good choice I reckon as an opening track.

2. The Stench of Dying Roses: 

This song was a result from ideas I got during a very nice forest hike with my family.

3. The Soldiers Song:

This was a birthday gift from me to André; homemade presents are better than the one you buy for money, he he.

4. A Different Awakening:

This song is a summary of the four songs in 80 bpm nicely sewed together by André with a left over idea I had saved for such a purpose.

5. An Interlude:

This was the first song that was totally finished re-arranged and orchestrated from André which he presented for me in my own wedding! Talk about the ultimate present!

6. The Letters:

This was the first tune, when I was finished with it from my point of view, I was really happy with when it came to how the song was arranged, chord progression and how I actually had done the orchestration.

7. The Tales the Witches Wrote:

This was my interpretation of André’s band Images At Twilight. As you might understand I have special memories with all the tracks, and they all mean just as much for me!

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