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Track By Track: Sulgogar - Science Of Beyond (2018)


The controversy surrounding the radical feminists of today and the proposal to legalize free abortion in countries like Argentina led us to compose this song. In reality it is a mockery of the "Femi-Nazis", a mass movement that takes part of the feminist ideals so defended in the old times by the past waves twisting them to make a very mediocre media circus.

At the musical level, the song is quite simple. A repetitive but at the same time addictive structure serves as the basis for firing constant explosive bullets of common sense, sarcasm and some macho pride relaxed through the voice. A joker guitar solo helps a lot to the song.

2- Misión: Sobrepoblación (Mission: Overpopulation):

The lyrics of this song were written after Sting Weiss was a shopping day in town. While he lined up to buy some miserable vegetables to feed his family and to visit several places in search of better prices, he noticed the huge number of pregnant women there were (many more compared to days or weeks before). Unlike other countries where the adult population is more numerous than the young, in Venezuela and other places in South America there are cases of true "baby booms" or a large number of births in a short period of time with any good reason behind it. This could lead to serious overcrowding problems in the immediate future as well as further compromising the reserves of available

For this reason, Sting Weiss imagined a fictitious country where an unscrupulous government makes the decision to promote free and indiscriminate sex with the aim of purging the population. At the same time, this hypothetical government would seek to get rid of the adult population by sending it to war in the future.

At the musical level, Misión Sobrepoblación has a very interesting structure: it starts as a black metal song through the solitary guitar and ends in a crushing rhythm when the rest of the elements appear. From there it becomes a song of thrash very moved. This feeling is reinforced by the interpretative style of the clean voice as well as having a touch of death metal thanks to the gutturals. On the other hand, a narration recorded in the style "police radio equipment" imitates the implementation of a black special forces operation called "Mission: Overpopulation."

However, the best thing about this song is the guitar solo: it's just great and very emotional. It’s possibly the best guitar solo of the whole album.

3-Chupacabras (Goatsucker):

Chupacabras is a theme clearly inspired by the urban legend of a supernatural and unknown blood-loving being that had its most notorious appearance in Puerto Rico during the beloved decade of the nineties. At that time, the adventures of this supposed vampire demon caused a panic among the population of almost all the countries of South America.

The lyrics cover everything that is known and presumed about this horrible nightmarish creature. At a musical level, it could be said that the song begins as a thrash metal song and then becomes one of black metal. The most plausible comparison is with some songs of Behexen in his album My Soul for His Glory and Svartsyn in Bloodline. Although, a part of the beginning sounds very similar to a Helloween song included in the Wall of Jericho album where one guitar enters first, then the other, later the bass and finally the drums. I think that theme is Murderer. Svetlana Sevostianava did an excellent job on drums creating rhythms that approach those of a black metal song in the style of the old school (Mayhem, Burzum, and others). The guitar solo is a total madness. This was to be changed but Sting Weiss said it was perfect for the song "it's as strange and great as the Chupacabra vampire himself" he said once. Finally, the spoken introduction is an extract taken from a very popular television program in the 90s called “Ocurrió Así” (It Happened So), specifically the special where they address the topic of Chupacabras and intend to explain their origin based on different interesting and weird theories. One of these theories is that the Chupacabra can actually be a demon created or invoked by witches with the objective of collecting blood and other elements for their macabre spells. That is the argument what can be heard in the opening narrative.

4- Socialista-Satanista (Socialist-Satanist):

In this song we make a joke of the absurd political ideology called "Socialism of
the 21st century"; established in Venezuela by the late former president Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías. This led to a country as rich as Venezuela becoming a dark paradise for common criminals, great leaders of the underground Mafia, assassins for hire and other unscrupulous people of all kinds. Something like what Port Royal was for the pirates of the Caribbean.

The lyrics were composed based on some of the phrases that people dissatisfied
with the government have come to say in public to drain their anger while traveling by bus or subway. Curiously, the lyrics were going to be longer but it was too controversial and that could bring us big problems with the government.

Therefore, we decided to condense everything in some of the most interesting
phrases. Here the translation of the lyrics:

Corruption excites themselves,
Sorcerers, false and Marxists,
Controlling the currencies,
Satanist Socialist,
Sorcerers, false and Marxists,

In addition to talking about the taste of Venezuelan socialist leaders for the corruption, cynicism, easy life and poor ideas of Carl Marx, the lyrics speak of the special preference of these infamous individuals for Cuban Santeria (a variant of black magic of the Congo). Although, we also talk a little about the currency control.

At a musical level, the song start as one of black metal something similar to the songs of Dark Funeral and then takes an unexpected turn. From then on it becomes a thrash song in the style of the old school to enter the choir with a clear voice reciting the name of the song and the gutturals reciting some phrases used by people to express their discontent towards the infamous Venezuelan government.

The theme is very simple. A few punk-style chords along with a firm and violent
drum beat set the tone for unleashing all the contained fury of the vocals. After repeating the chorus a couple of times, the subject changes a bit and gives way to a guitar solo very raw and desperate as the desire of each Venezuelan to destroy a government led by a group of corrupt Neanderthals.

5- El Comegente (Enviado de Satanás) (The Man-eater (Envoy of Satan)):

This song is inspired by a Venezuelan serial killer named Dorangel Vargas (currently in prison) who during the 90s killed many people to eat their meat. This allowed him to survive in misery until he was captured and baptized by the media as "The Man-eater". An urban legend tells that when this infamous murderer was to be put behind bars, the inmate prison population trembled with fear and began a hunger strike to prevent the entry of an unstoppable monster psychopath devouring of human flesh.

The lyrics tell all that this bloody character did, which is considered by many Venezuelans as "a being sent to this earth by Satan himself". At the musical level, it could be said that we are dealing with a death metal song in the style of the old school and you can even notice a bit of influence from Cannibal Corpse or other brutal death metal bands at the guttural level. The guitar solo is very refreshing and equally unexpected, perfect to give a little twist on the dark theme of the song and reflect the metal status of the killer Dorangel Vargas.

For its part, the spoken introduction heard during the introduction was taken from the news program of a television channel currently closed by the Venezuelan government. There you see the serial killer Dorangel Vargas calmly answering the questions of a reporter while being stopped by the police. When this was broadcast on television the whole country felt a great relief, because people were very afraid to go out and be trapped and devoured by this cannibal killer.

6- Acechadores Intergalácticos (Intergalactic Stalkers):

The lyric of intergalactic stalkers was inspired by the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, considered the first recorded case in the modern world of this type of phenomena. It deals with everything related to this rare incident, from the sighting of the UFO by Barney Hill to the conversation between Betty Hill and one of the aliens in the control room of the object.

At the musical level, this song also starts with a part of black metal and then ends in a thrash. In the chorus of the song the guttural voice stands out quite demonstrating all its dark power. The twin guitar solo contributes to give a strange alien touch or maybe from another world.

7- Science of Beyond:

The song that gives name to this first album of Sulgogar is called Science of Beyond. Basically it is an audio extract taken from a hypnosis recording made to the Hill couple, the first pair of humans abducted by aliens. Here you can hear the story of the terrifying experience on the part of both witnesses. Although, the most interesting are the nervous reactions of Barney Hill who relives terrified every minute of the kidnapping, in addition to the shocking revelations made to Betty Hill by one of the aliens. While the extract is being played, a nightmare soundtrack helps to give it an even more sinister and enigmatic touch.

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