Behind The Artwork: KOBOLD - Death Parade (2018)

And finally - the album cover. Our first EP debuts our mascot, the bomb-wielding thrashing Kobold or goblin, (whatever you want to call it, they are mythical creatures, who gives a damn) basically slaughtering everyone in one of our well-known streets, among those dead are some well-known politicians of our country. We wanted to top that so we added two more mascots for the album, representing our bassist Savo who resembles a bear and our ex-drummer Sergej, who is literally a walking manbearpig in real life. In the cover we are running over a certain parade, making it essentially a "Death Parade". It's hilarious, our cover got banned for a week on Facebook for promoting terrorism and being insensitive to the victims of terror attacks before we convinced them it's totally not meant to offend anyone. I mean it's thrash metal, it's supposed to feel like a fistful of metal, not tickle your anus. Since Sergej left, we have to kill the pig on the next album cover and get a new third mascot. By the way, the next album is on the way, and it tops Death parade three times over. 

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