Track By Tracks: KOBOLD - Death Parade (2018)

1. Madman's Overture is an album intro that pays tribute to our debut EP but also represents the real beginning, as the band has changed drastically since its first immature hasty EP release, therefore it bears the same name. This is the real beginning of Kobold's death parade. 

2. Death Parade is the title track and its name is a parody of another type of a parade. It deals with our frustration with the whole regressive left, PC, politically correct narrative that is being forced down everyone's throat by the establishment, masked as something that should represent rebellion against that same establishment. It's designed to completely divide us, obscure and even outlaw the observable truths and isolate us, making us unable to coexist, and much less fight the modern human-cattle-ranch system. If we could sit down for 3 hours in a park with 15 beers, we could pretty much "crack the matrix" in one conversation, this is just the smallest tip of the iceberg. Kobold is not a left or right leaning band, we don't represent any political opinion as they are all controlled and poisoned to the core. They are just approved opinions presented to you by the establishment to chose from, as you can't hurt the system if they already know all the possible outcomes of your thought process. Death Parade is just a nudge in the right direction - like an adrenaline needle, designed to wake up all those young metalheads and steer their frustration in the right direction.

3. Fake is a song that deals with fake friends, usually chicks since they mastered the art of backstabbing. That's why they hate other chicks, they know the true face behind the smile. The song is like an evil rotten counterpart of Panteras iconic song Walk. 

4. Random Act of Violence is a song that encourages people to act on impulse. People today are crippled by anxiety and fears. If a guy twice your size smacks your girlfriend's ass are you gonna just stand there and later tell her how you wanted to kick his ass, while shes already views you as a lower form of life then a sea cucumber and thinks about fucking that guy? FUCK no, go smack him in the face, mutilate him with a glass ashtray, stab him with a beer bottle, get your ass kicked by him and his friends, go spend a night in the department or in surgery, fuck it, at least you acted upon your impulse, you can now call yourself a human being, fuck being a sea cucumber. 

5. I, Icarus is a dream song. Everyone wants to make it in life, some are more fortunate than others to be born privileged, but there are no excuses. Give it your best, fail, don't beat yourself about it, you only live this life once. What comes after, nobody knows, but if you were a coward in life, don't expect any reward in death. Also, this song was sung by our bassist Savo, as his voice fit the song perfectly. 

6. When the Eyes Turn Inwards is about all the times we dealt with hooligans, drunkards, addicts, dealers, pedos, thieves and so on in our "hood". At some point when our balls dropped, we stopped tolerating and started "dealing" with them as brutally as we should.

7. Die Hard is a song about a person that we know well that embraced his mental illness and uses it to this day as an excuse to live a life of self-catering. 

8. Soul Funeral is about a satanist chick who casts a hex spell on a guy that doesn't love her back, essentially killing him. 

9. NWO is an instrumental that essentially builds up the momentum to the next song, as it is one of the highlights of the album.

10. Ministry of Propaganda takes Death Parade on another level, exposing the true world shadow government consisting of bankers and (((other))) sinister personas. (((They))) control everything you do, you are their cattle. The great comfort makes you think you are in charge of something when in reality you don't even own the land underneath your own two feet. They will do anything to keep you docile, they will entertain you, fatten you up, get you strung out on dopamine, and make you essentially accept being milked and degraded, even tricking you to boast about it with pride and fight people who tell you otherwise. Let's get this straight: You vote doesn't mean shit, your political views are controlled and don't mean shit, your cubicle hellhole job doesn't mean shit, the money on your bank account is not your money, if fuels wars in foreign countries (at one point, even our country), your dessert religion doesn't mean shit, your choice in which hole you like to stick it and how you like to wear your hair don't mean shit, everything you bitch about daily is meaningless. Disregard all the trash they piled up in your skull, live a simpler life.

11. Headless Horseman is about all those dudes that chicken out of the whole Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle in their early twenties, and go become a wage slave instead, afraid that if they don't, they'll somehow disappoint everyone around them. Yeah sure, you can buy a new Rolex or Paul & Shark bolo shirt to go yachting with your cuck friends, but does your dick get hard anymore? Who is your wife screwing when you're off doing your night shift? I bet ya it's your high school metalhead friend whose band you left to please your mom's wishes. 

12. Warth Child is about growing up being hated and picked on in school for no reason. Children's minds are drastically different from the age of 6 to the age of 12, to put it simply - they work in high overdrive mode. When you put a million children in square rooms for 8 hours a day and make them sit still and not talk, there is bound to be a shitload of pent-up frustration and anger, so they find a scapegoat. And at some point, that scapegoat reaches boiling point and yeah... look at what's happening annually in America. Homeschool your kids, let them choose their company in life and exercise their young minds while they still have them. 

13. Thrill for Speed is a thrash anthem. Nothing more to say.

14. Mistress of the Night is a personal weird love song. We're all mad here.

15. Our now ex-drummer Sergej loves Exciter so much that he wanted us to cover it at all costs so we did. He sang the song in the studio and live while playing the drums.  

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