Behind The Artwork: NEVERSIN - The Outside In (2018)

Skench: The concept was developed by Matteo Rosin. We asked him for something that could represent the opposites, infinity and continuity in a cool yet simple and effective way. Easy task, uh!? But I think he did a very good job and it turned out awesome.

Matteo Rosin: The theme is quite interesting because it regards us all and our perspective both of the outer world and our most inner part. So I got the idea of a subject in a light, clear and optimistic environment that gives the hope (or illusion) that the world we're living in might change and return pure and respectful of every other life form and relationship. At the same time this subject lives a melancholy, sometimes dark, inner situation that she needs to set loose. That's why she wants to get the rid of this darkness using the opening on her back. She does not release it in a fast way, she does kind of an intimate gesture, it's something personal she wants to release very slowly.

Skench: Notice that darkness might not be necessarily a completely negative thing; this one contains also beautiful stars! So we got duailty inside duality. Awesome!

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