Behind The Artworks: Dire Peril – The Extraterrestrial Compendium (2018)

This art concept was a lot of fun. Now I, of course, didn’t physically draw it as credit for that talent goes to French artist Gwen Vibancos. Creating the concept behind it, however was still a fun process. Gwen and I worked closely together, going back and forth on ideas. Ultimately what’s happening is that Dire Peril’s mascot we dubbed “Allen” is sitting in a basement surrounded by old films and a projector. The easter egg here is that on the case of each film is the name of each movie we based the songs on. Lying at Allen’s feet is an opened case with the album title upon it, implying that he’s watching it. The overall theme I wanted to capture was inspired from the 2005 remake “War of the Worlds”.

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