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Behind The Artworks: VEONITY - Legend Of The Starborn (2018)

On our last album “into The Void” we worked with the genius, Thomas Holmstrand ( so when we needed new artwork for “Legend Of The Starborn” it was a no brainer who to ask. Because it is a concept album we had a pretty strong idea of what we needed so when we sat down with Thomas the artwork formed rapidly.

Since we have had a single man in various surroundings on our previous albums we wanted to continue with this, making it a theme for our albums altogether. We also needed the artwork to have a clear sci-fi/Viking, preferably fused with the City of Atlantis. Thomas captured this greatly and he also added some extra cool stuff like the hammer, some spaceships and an epic space-horizon. Last but not least, he added ancient runes around the artwork Starborn” and on the man’s cloak. But not just random runes, it reads: “Legend Of The

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