Track By Track: Fauna Timbre - Altering Echoes (2018)

1. Heart Murmurs:

Marius: As the title suggest this is a song about how feelings, or intuitions not always gives us the best tools to navigate in reality. The fatality of this can be when it happens to larger groups of humans is a bad situation. The pulse of the song is meant to function as a heart’s murmurings.

Kenneth: The sounds from our heart prevails in our ears from before we are born and until the day we move on. What better base could there ever be for a song.

2. Violent Waves:

Marius: For Violent Waves we imagined sound flowing like how the waves hit the shoreline, then becoming more violent and dominant to it’s surroundings as it increases in intensity. The tempo in this song was important to keep us waiting for the for the next wave, so it had to be slow. Some doom-storm-disco at the end to end on a bad note.

Kenneth: Nature has always been important to us, and I find it interesting to at least try to portray some of the wonders of nature through the music.

3. Turn the Sun:

Marius: A track building up slowly to be completely digested by the sun.  Floating guitars drives the track into annihilation, with breaks of some grit. The inevitable end.

Kenneth: I love the floating guitars and harmonizations used in this song to achieve a sense of scale and time in a cosmic setting.

4. Umbra:

Marius: The first part of this song was written by Kenneth and myself on acoustic guitar before it all went a little haywire! It's probably the track on the EP that has the most light in it, it's about coming out on the other side in one piece - or at least maybe 75% whole. Sometimes 75% is enough.

Kenneth: I’ve always loved the contrast between light and dark, or evil and good for that matter. The truth is that nothing is just one thing, everything is a mixture of ingredients. Also in this song.

5. Memory Leak:

Marius: Our doom waltz.

Kenneth: Written unintentionally in ¾ because I wanted it to sort of roll along like distant thunder. I don’t know if that was entirely successful but the final product carries the sort of doomy quality I was looking for. The lyrics reflect on people that don’t care if their road to a goal is littered with other peoples misfortune.

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