Track By Track: Perpetual Fate - Cordis (2018)

1. Rabbit Hole:

It depicts a twisted reality in which the solution is always escaping from life, problems and mental health. This escape is represented by the “rabbit hole”, better than monotony and normality (the “wolf hole”), where emotions and individual freedom can't be expressed. So there intervene five particular entities, which are innocence, rage, power, divine and melancholy. Their cooperation's result is the individual now choosing to finally escape.

2. Enslavement:

Life is represented as a mistress limitating choices, with her own rules, not only of the individual's but also of the community's. The theme of freedom returns: on the earthly dimension freedom is only illusory, still restricted by the sacrifices that every person makes every day.

3. Smothered:

It expresses the condition of those few who can see beyond the veil of appearence: the gift of a remarkable sensibility is also a burden when different ways of seeing reality are discovered, now no more material but abstract, made by principles and empathy that bond those who know but can't speak because of a world already cynical, believing only in tangible things.

4. The Path (I See You):

The evolution of the relationship with a person only takes place when every initial impression, crystallized in time, is replaced by experience, which makes us open our eyes and see clearly: the individual's growth, if accompained by the developement of a strong empathic bond with someone, is increased and that awareness towards that person is transposed on a more universal dimension, helping us seeing things differently.

5. Cannibal:

It tells the story of an innocent creature seduced by a beast, who at first makes her impure and then, after draining every strenght out of her, eats her. During this infinite banquet the prey enjoys pain, which has become by then her only bond with the beast. Selfishness and brute force triumph on purity, reversing every honest principle.

6. Mark Any Youth:

The empathic bond that establishes between two persons sharing the same kind of sensibility lasts in time, becoming an anchor despite weaknesses, and supports them even when experiences tear them apart. This bond becomes intangible but strongly present, an anchorage standing beyond the events, overcoming changes.

7. Rainfall:

Based on the theme of loss and on the sensation of melancholy derivating from it, the lyrics focalise on the attempt to live with this feeling and on the belief that the experience can remain deep and unchangeable during the course of time.

8. The Land (Ft. Michele Guaitoli & Marco Pastorino):

There are three different clashing elements: awareness, self-destruction and hatred towards others. A self-destructive person's problems are shown, while awareness tries to save him. He's destined to perish when those who can take advantage of other weaknesses intervene.

9. Eternal Destiny:

The song is written for everyone who's having a hard time which seems endless, a part of life from which people want to escape by turning in on themselves to prevent the impact with external reality: a way to find shelter and establish a real bond with their true selves.

10. When They Cry:

The song depicts a firsthand experience with derealization and depersonalization
disorders: the unability to recognise the bonds with loved ones, seen as strangers and the impression of not belonging, feeling estranged from reality , which is only observable. No one is aware of this, no one can help or fully understand what's going on.

11. A Word Between You & Me:

This is the final track of the album. After a three-year period, the lyrics have been evolving, reaching their final form, also considering the events not as vivid remnants but belonging to the past. The song is about a disfunctional relashionship, based on isolation and suppression of differences. It ends with a cry of hope weakened by melancholy and growing uncertainties built up over the years.

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