Track By Tracks: Siroll! - Doble O Res (2018)

Siroll! means noise and for us it represent all the subgenres of metal music that we love. We don’t want Siroll! to be something repetitive or a boring, bad copy of anything else. We write the lyrics in Catalan because it’s our language and we
play the music that we love while adding our point of view. We are having fun and if people like it, it’s a win win.

1. Tu mateix (Up to you):

It´s a short and really hardcore track. About not letting the politicians do the work we cand do ourself.

2. Hòsties (sacred host /”slap”):

This song is kinda deathcore. Inspired by Xavier Novell, the young bishop, who tries to indocrinate his ideas about others relacionships and sexual orientation without any experience of it.

3. Fatxes de proximitat (local fascists):

Short and ugly track… We are angry with the catalan polticians that are blaming the spanish goverment for fascism, meanwhile we have problems of our own. We are forgetting our faults while hiding behind history and language.

4. Mitjans de manipulació (manipulative media):

Strange song with ups and downs in beats and riffs. With groove and blast-beats we talk about the information war in massmedia. At the end, we can’t trust anybody. Fuck them all.

5. Doble o res (double or nothing):

This song stands out for being based in triplets and slow tempo. We are angry with the people who always are afraid and ask for permission for the things that are already ours, like freedom. And then, without ever recieving anything, still trust the same leaders who disappoints us over and over again.

6. A l’aguait (be careful):

A trashy, fast and short song that tells the tale about thecompanies who really dictate the rules in spain, the IBEX35.

7. Dol (mourning, grieve):

Dense, slow and repetitive. A two riff song, expressing hate towards all the people we are forced to meet even if we don’t want to.

8. Cobord (Coward and bastard):

Hardcore again, with an intense start and finish this is a fist to men that feel superior to women. The tittle mix the words “coward” and “bastard” to describe the kind of man who are afraid of releasing control and power to women.

9. Tal dia (such day):

We called this song “the bottle” before we wrote the lyrics because we got the idea of the main riff from the dots at the bottom of a beer bottle in the reharsal rooom. We did a tempo experiment with mixing black and groove metal and the lyrics are a prophecy that talks about the day when the revolution will force the facist out.

10. Canviar per seguir igual (Change to stay the same):

This song is a break in the album. An acoustic song giving you time to breathe. Like our government change every four years and then continue with the injustice in our country, we continue the next song with metal again.

11. Actitud (Attitude):

A metalcore song that talks about us and what we do with our lives and with the band. Feeling unaccepted by society for being metalheads and doing our thing, but that we are never gonna change.

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