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Behind The Artworks: Maestus - Deliquesce (2018)

We wanted to properly convey the feeling of Deliquesce, beginning with many ideas as to how the album’s sensations might become more focused by their visual representation. Ultimately, we approached a friend of ours named Matthias Roth, a fellow Oregon artist, about creating a piece for the cover art. What resulted was a pastel and charcoal work embodying the loneliness of Deliquesce and working in themes from the album’s texts. The palettes of rich but muted blue, slates, and earth tones dovetail with the filigreed gold of the border layouts, producing an effect of scale. Vast plains, indistinct horizons, a porous film stretched over everything. Working in collaboration with Roth’s keen sense of atmospherics over a long and steadily fruitful period, the Deliquesce piece finally emerged.

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